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Checklist of things to do after the winter!

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    Checklist of things to do after the winter!

    Note: a lot of the below is also relevent to MHs as well as caravans!

    I haven't been out in my caravan since last October. All was drained down and sorted for the winter. Now time to get on with it - only 4 weeks before I get away!

    First thing on my shopping list is to get some sterilising tabs and pump into the water pipes/water tank/tap, leave to soak for an hour or two, then rinse and leave the clean water in for another hour or two. A lot recommend Puriclean, but they seem very expensive to me. I tend to use the Milton tabs from the chemists, not quite as expensive and seem to do the job well.

    Next job - take off the side vent outside for fridge and hoover all the little spiders webs out of there with a nozzle. Also hoover underneath fridge as well. And in the corners everywhere where they love to abide during the winter! Not that I'm frightened of spiders, just don't like sharing my space with them... and I do try to just evict the spiders rather than hoovering them up with their webs.

    Next job after that, wipe the inside of the fridge with antibacterial cleaner and leave open. It has been left open all winter as a closed fridge will grow mould, so a quick clean there. And all other surfaces as well.

    Outside, check the gas taps, regulators and make sure they are working properly. Check underneath pipes for any irregularities. Check chassis for same. Check brakes work on caravan, and grease gun the nipples. Check tyres are at the right pressure and examine for any irregularities in tread and side walls.

    Ooh I feel tired now just thinking about it! LOL!

    If you can think of anything else to add in here it would be helpful as a checklist for both caravanners, motorhomers and all!
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