Last weekend whilst in Lincolnshire I bought a wheel clamp for my little Romini.So far I've yet to get the thing to work. the problem seemd to be the internal bolt inside the yellow box which is moved into position by the key being turned in the lock. You turn the key the bolt moves out of the way so that you can drop the grey third arm into position around your wheel. NOPE

You turn the key the bolt moves , you adjust the length of the third arm to suit. Then you turn the key to move the bolt so that you can take the third arm out and nothing happens. So now the clamp is locked and no amount of turning the key will release the arm. So you take out the screw at the back of the clamp, which release the lock so you can remove it and then with a screw driver you poke around in the lock hole and release the bolt so the arm comes out.

am i making sense so far?

So you replace the lock and set it up again and a few times the key turns and you can remove the leg.But the next time you try it once again it's stuck.

I'm now thinking that the thing to do will be to somehow reove the box which holds the lock and bolt and just padlock the thing? any suggestions