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First trip with the 'van

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    First trip with the 'van

    We have managed 5 nights away over the Easter weekend with the caravan and are pleased to say all went well and we both agree that a move to a caravan was the right thing for us at this time, although we still think that a Motorhome will be in our life at some point in the future!
    The caravan gives as a lot more space and the freedom to be mobile from site, without worrying about bus timetables or packing down, a godsend with Evie.

    We stayed at a private site at slingsby, the Robin hood site. It was very busy, as expected and although not upto club site standards, is a nice site. All the pitches are the "posh" type, with own water tap and waste point but the loo/shower block was dated and a little dirty, probably due to the number of people on site- the weather was glorious so the tent area was packed!!

    We had a day at Filey, the day after they found the handgranade on the beech and a day or 2 before the strange tablets forced the beech to be closed and also spent some time wondering around Pickering. The rest of the time was spent chilling on site, having bbq's etc and enjoying the company of some friends who were also on site with their 8 week old little boy.
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    Sounds like a great trip Glen, glad you like the van.
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      Hi Glen and Claire!

      Glad you had a good time out on your first trip!

      It is nice just to be able to get in the car instead of having to pack everything away, it must be doubly so with Evie!

      I miss just driving off the drive in my little Roma though. And think twice about going anywhere just for a weekend in the caravan, whereas in the roma I would have just gone!

      I look forward to seeing you and your new outfit and meeting little Evie at Moreton!


        I know what you mean about being hesitant to use the caravan just for a weekend, we were thinking just that about the moreton weekend, especially as it originally looked like we would only be able to come for the Saturday night. Yet, we wouldn't have given it a second thought I we'd still had the Motorhome - strange isn't it?

        Looking forward to moreton, not long now. Here is a couple of photo's from this trip(hopefully if I can post them from my phone!!)

        Why not have a look at my latest wildlife photos, habitat projects and general natural world related shenanigans?


          She is so beautifull. Looking forward to meeting her, little cutie. Very much like Clair.
          Remind me not to go detecting on Filey beach.


            That is just what I said to Graham, she is the image of Claire.

            Looking forward to seeing you all at Mpreton

            Meow is the time to chill with my cat =^..^=


              goodness me - Evie is growing so quickly! Lovely photo!

              the caravan's not bad either!

              Bythe way - how's your Dad, Glen? I hope his ankle is mended now and all is ok for the family.
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                what a beautiful little girl, hasn't she grown.

                I like your caravan too


                  Thank you for the compliments about Evie, she is gorgeous but I'm biased!! She is definately lucky to have her mummy's looks though, but she has got my 1 sided dimple when she smiles!! She really is grown quick, it's amazing.

                  Jayjay - my dad is getting there slowly, he had his cast of last week and is allowed to limited weight bear which in his mind means he can walk miles and should be driving in a day or 2, fortunately my sister has his car and I have the spare keys!! hows things going with your folks??
                  Why not have a look at my latest wildlife photos, habitat projects and general natural world related shenanigans?


                    Glad to hear your Dad is up and 'running' again! Pretty similar story with my Mum, she's walking fine now with a walking stick rather than crutches. Still does too much and won't ask for help though. Ah well...


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