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Me, myself and Little Roo off to Haltwhistle

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    Me, myself and Little Roo off to Haltwhistle

    Just pottering around today get the van(little roo) ready for the off. Haltwhistle is only an hour from where I live but I've only ever driven through the place and never stopped. The c and cc sit is only 4 miles from Hadrians Wall and situated in a wooded area.

    I've got my checklist to make sure I've packed everything (including my hot water bottle jayjay) the sun has just come out as it's been raining heavily.
    The day will probably drag, since I can't wait to get started. will be taking my camera with me and my ipad. the site does have wifi(£2) but I'll probably just take my little mifi (I'll pay for 24 hours of data before I leave tomorrow morning)

    I will be taking the folding bike I bought on Monday(second hand) so I can pedal a few places. I've really got to get fit and loose the weight I've gained since I stopped smoking(10 weeks now).

    Oh well back to my checklist to see what I've forgotten


    Never forget your hot water bottle!! Mine stays in the van all year round, you never know!

    It takes me ages to think on what I need to pack and seems to take forever! However, as lot of stuff actually stays in the van, it's not too difficult!

    have a lovely time Pam, come back with photos!!


      It can take a couple of years to get the van correctly kitted out (and then some). To start with I bought cheap cutlery, knives, plates etc. But they were so inferior, and no fun to use, I had to upgrade. Now my van is permanently equipped with better quality items than the house!


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