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Wax Oil help

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    Wax Oil help

    My son-in-law was spraying wax oil on his very old land rover when he managed to spray it on next doors caravan, has anyone any idea how he can get if off as his neighbour is very cross (and rightly so I would be mad if it went on my new romahome) and the caravan and family are going on holiday on Wednesday my poor son-in-law is worried to death.

    wax oil

    You could try Tardis, it is a tar glue remover,
    It's sold in halfords, think it's an Autoglym product,
    Autoglym isnt bad but i find it needs a good few sprays to remove tar,wax-oil,good luck removing it
    If mistakes are the foundation of understanding, i have firm foundation,Underpinned by much in the way of I don't want to do that again


      Oh dear!

      Apparantly, WD40 sprayed on and left to soak, then wipe off with lots of cloths a bit at a time. Similarly petrol does the job.

      Also there's engine degreaser from an auto shop. Or thinners / All rub on and then wipe off. He's in for a lot of elbow grease!

      Steam cleaning afterwards may help get rid of the residue.

      Theere's this product I found on the net, but its very expensive:

      I was reading somewhere that you can use hand degreaser as well - that stuff in pots that is slightly gritty and smells of oranges or lemons!

      Good luck with it!


        Originally posted by Megan View Post
        wax oil ... has anyone any idea how he can get if off
        Check on the tin to see what solvent it recommends for thinning, and for cleaning of brushes or spray equipment.

        My tin of Waxoyl says to use white spirit, then hot soapy water. I had a tin of the Commer version which said the same.

        White spirit is another name for turpentine substitute.

        Whereabouts on his Land Rover was he spraying Waxoyl if the overspray went on somebody else's caravan? Waxoyl is for the underside and for inside body cavities.


          Oh dear I do feel sorry for everybody in this situation because it was an accident. Actually think you should post under Ant's techie help section or ring up somebody that deals with waxoyl because you have to be clear that the solvent you use will not damage the surface/finish of the caravan.... otherwise you could make a bad situation worse.


            Thinners has been mentioned!
            Be very careful because (cellulose) thinners will remove many (if not most) paints. Best not even considered as a way of removing ANYTHING from a painted (or plastic) surface.
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              Wax oil

              Hi, Megan
              Any updates on wax oil removal??
              If mistakes are the foundation of understanding, i have firm foundation,Underpinned by much in the way of I don't want to do that again


                Originally posted by Megan View Post
                wax oil ... how he can get if off
                I have some overspill areas from where I did my inner doors and sills, which I didn't bother to remove because they are out of sight.

                Now that the weather will let me, I've done some tests. White Spirit - the thinner recommended by the makers - will definitely remove it.

                JayJay mentioned WD40. This will also work but since the main ingredient of WD40 is paraffin, I tried that too. Paraffin will take it off and is far and away the cheapest option.

                Follow up with a wash with hot soapy water.

                Both of these will also clean off any wax polish which the owners might have previously applied so the cleaned area might still look different. It might be best to do the whole panel.


                  wax oil

                  Hi. I do hope you managed to get the marks off your neighbour's car.

                  Just to make you feel a little better, perhaps. My hubby came up with the bright idea of spraying creosote on the communal fence...but failed to factor in wind speeds! Despite many frantic sessions of trying to clean marks off, we never did succeed in getting the brown specks off their car . But they are still good friends, bless them.
                  Carpe diem! :)


                    Wickes Brush Cleaner - apply with a paint brush and leave for a few minutes, then spray or wipe off.
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                      Hot air gun and blotting paper......


                        so how did he get on?
                        Regards, Robinjim.


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