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First caravan!

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    First caravan!

    After a very wet and muddy week camping myself and my parter have decided to get a caravan! I've been researching Freedom caravans, largely due to the size and weight. I'm due to look at a used (1991) one this weekend and just wondered if anyone had tips of what to look out for?
    Thanks x

    Let us start with the good news - it is GRP so no need to take along a damp meter - it is not an issue.

    1991 - the interior may be an issue - but it is all fixable if you have DiY skills - they are built in Poland and 1991 means it was built when the Iron Curtain was disintergrating - the older interior can also disintergrate - no matter it did in simular aged Romahome pods and caravans.

    Look at the chassis and the jacks - do they lower and raise freely - you can buy new ones and not hard to replace but use to knock down the price.

    Check age of flexy gas pipes (they should be orange with a date stamped on them) replace at 3 years old - If they are old black flexy pipe REPLACE IMMEDIATELY it is potentially lethal Easy to do only jubillee clips!

    Tyres they should have a date on them and they should be replaced at about 5 years old. You will probably find the wheel bearings need changed too.

    The rest use Mk1 Eyeball and buy what you like - a simple little van due to GRP if the chassis is well maintained will outlast you

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      Good luck with your prospective purchase JessP ! I hope it's in good condition. We have a couple of members who are Freedom enthusiasts: Dave and Pat will be along with any further tips you might need, I'm sure!


        Hi and welcome, JessP

        The inside lining (a bit like carpet) has a habit of separating itself from the walls and ceilings of the caravan interior. It's a bit of a job to fix it, it can be done or replaced - or simply stuck back where it should be, but have a good look and make sure it's not sagging down anywhere.


          Hi all, thanks for your help!! I've bought a different one,, it's 2002 microlite. Roof lining is something that's going to need attention as some sagging but all looks good!


            Welcome Jess...good luck with your purchase...enjoy.!!



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