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User Manual on its way from Holland!!

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    User Manual on its way from Holland!!

    After much tracking down (thru the Dutch Caravan Club in the end!) I finally managed to get hold of the email for the Kip caravan site (the one on their site doesn't work!). They have a 1988 manual (shouldn't have changed much since 1982 I hope) and are sending a copy to me free of charge, although I offered to pay +postage for it.

    It's in Dutch, but presumably it will have diagrams, and anything I want to know I can translate in Google hopefully. So the mysteries of cooker dismantling and sink drainage may be sorted soon!

    Isn't that nice of them?

    Jayjay - I have a mate who speaks fluent Dutch - married to a Dutch girl - should you need any section clarified ( not the whole manual, though ) !!!



      That's good, let's hope you can understand it JayJay.

      I've moved this to the caravan section as it might be of interest to someone looking in there in the future.
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        Hi JayJay
        This company have just advertised that they are the sole distributers of Kip caravans in the UK: I think they are based in Cheshire from the telephone number. Do you know them?


          Yamaha - thanks for that - will shout if I can't make sense of any google translation I do!

          Never thought of putting it in the caravan section Graham, but if another Kip owner wants a copy, I could always scan it for him/her!

          Niloc - yes - Leisure Vehicles are approx 3 miles from my doorstep. They couldn't help but offered to copy a manual for the latest Kip caravan if I wanted it! That's a 2009 version, which is totally different! It was nice of them to offer though. They only sell the newer versions of the Kip vans. They are the sole distributors and their 'vans cost ££££!


            Hi JayJay its no good me looking at it ? As it is All Double Dutch to me ! ( sorry about the Pun)
            Seriously though glad you managed to get hold of it.
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            Gunerdoo Do It Tomorrow ?


              It's arrived!

              The only thing I can make out for definate is the tyre pressures, so that's something!

              Will give you a shout, Yahama, if I need anything translated. Frist I'm going to google translate all the different section titles, so that I'll know if there's anything there that I want to know. There aren't many diagrams! LOL!


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