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Another progress report!

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    Another progress report!

    Well, after a bit of working out, I finally managed to undo the gas rings... very peculiar system, you keep turning anticlockwise and pulling every now and then until they release, they have two sort of hooks which you turn clockwise to attach again. After cleaning thoroughly, drying and refitting, both jets are now burning with a nice bright blue flame!

    Another question - do fridges on electric smell when you first put them on? This is a reconditioned fridge and it smells sort of ...warm! I seem to remember the new kitchen fridge having a smell until it had been on a bit.

    I have put the electric hookup on overnight as I suspect that the 'leisure battery' (I use the term loosely, it turned out to be a car battery ) can be charged on the system. I've been following the wires back from the little charger thingy and they seem to go in and out of a few junction boxes and underneath to the EHU... so I thought I'd put the EHU on just to see. Athough it only says it's a voltometer, it has three switches - on off and battery... can't see the point of having an 'on' and a 'battery' switch if they both do the same thing... logically anyway. The interior 12v sys works when it's switched to on or battery, so no clues there. It also has two meters - one which says off and charge, the other says on and charge, but the needle only points to the off and charge. I hope it does charge on EHU as I won't be able to charge it as I drive along as I only have the 12 n black socket for lights on the car, not a grey one. Although I have both on the caravan. There's a pic in the thread 'caravan charger questions'.

    And the inside is drying out nicely now, in fact I'd say it is dry. So when the outside is sealed there may not be much more than surface damage to the van walls, hopefully! Cross your fingers there's no rotting going on inside the walls!


    ...and I had the fridge on, working by electric, for a couple of hours - it froze an ice cube tray! Still can't get it working on gas though. I was going to pull it out and see if there was anything obvious which might be stopping it working on gas, but I darent pull it out as the chap who installed it has used ordinary copper tubing, not flexi-hose/lunken tube and I'm scared of breaking it!

    I will have to phone him and ask how, as it should be able to come out for servicing and repairs when needed anyway.


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