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Next question - Caravan breakdown cover

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    Next question - Caravan breakdown cover

    My RAC membership does not cover a breakdown of the caravan. If the car breaks down with the caravan attached, recovery will include the caravan so long as it is only the car that has broken down. With me so far?

    RAC will do caravan cover but only through the Caravan and Camping club which I am not a member of. I am a member of the Caravan Club but their caravan cover is with Green Flag so I'd have to join Green Flag to get it, thus duplicating my car breakdown cover.

    Any suggestions for caravan cover that doesn't involve me duplicating my car cover or my club memberships?


    Caravan breakdown cover

    Hi Doug,
    When caravan is hooked up to car, there should not be a problem for RAC to come out to your caravan,that part i get what your meaning,if you have a problem when parked up or say on edge of a cliff face (praying it wont go as far as that) ideally the thing to do is re hook up again then call the RAC out think that would be problem solved unless i have missed something out.

    Cheers Billy
    BTW did you get insurance cover yet for the carousel & if so who from?


      If you join the camping and caravan club they have a deal with the RAC.

      Had a very unpleasant experiance with green flag in the past where I was completely ripped off and it has put me off completely. I suppose with a network of independant garages there are temptations to charge imaginative prices.


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