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Another Micro Camper K2 Base Camp

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    Another Micro Camper K2 Base Camp

    I have just come upon another micro camper, I found it on Ebay, the number is 220634703762

    K2campervans web page

    It looks like an interesting alternative to a basic Bongo, a very versatile vehicle.
    Derek Our Berlingo camping car

    This looks interesting.

    I'll be putting my beloved Kangoo Roo up for sale in a few months and then starting again with a basic Kangoo or Berlingo adaptation so I'm always keen to see these ideas.

    Up to now I've been running a Kangoo van and the Kangoo Roo camper conversion but it's just too expensive to run two vehicles - all purely to get around the 'carriage of goods in connection with the policyholder's business' insurance issue so both the Roo and van will have to be sold.

    I'll be very sad to wave farewell to the Roo but I'm looking forward to the challenge of designing another vehicle adaptation to my own spec. This will allow me to run just one vehicle with Class 1 insurance to be fitted with removable modular units for camping trips.



      I like the Basic Concept of it especially the Roof.
      Gunerdoo Do It Tomorrow ?


        K2 Base Camp

        A friend of mine has just bought one of these and I have had a really good look around it is really amazing. It seems like a lot of thought has gone into it. The best bit is that it still keeps the 5 seats and it makes down into a really big double bed. Thinking of getting one myself it is such a good compromise and seems to have all that I am going to need.

        Going to wait to see how my friend gets on with it when he takes it away for the next week.

        Keep Well



          Test Driven

          Well he took it away last week down to Cornwall and although the weather was rubbish for a good part of it he had a great time in his Base Camp and has come back planning is next trip away.

          I think I am going to do a bit more research and might go for a trip down to Portsmouth and go and visit to see what the set up is like.

          Will keep you posted.


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