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A Berlingo camper from Oz

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    A Berlingo camper from Oz

    Hello everyone

    This is my first post and I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying your forum. I bought my Berlingo van in Nov 2002. It was pretty basic with a high density mattress made to fit the floor and an annex made by the local canvas shop to fit the back door.

    In 2007 I traded it in for a Kia Sudoka with the quick release seats and a lovely flat floor.

    I am just about to trade the Kia in on a LWB Berlingo which will give me a slightly longer floor and much better fuel economy. I like the idea of Dereks platform so that could be my next project.

    I will try and attach some photos.

    I use the campers to go to country shows and folk festivals, staying at caravan parks with power or in the bush with the minimum of gear.

    Cheers for now
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    G'day Ian (is that what you ozzies say?)

    A big welcome to the forum.

    Nice to see you on here and great to see your pictures, we have a lots of self build owners on here so you've come to the right place.

    I imagine you won't be coming to any of our meets?But it's great to chat with you on here, just remember we will all be in bed when you are wide awake and posting so don't make too much noise.
    Did you know you can follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter or you can visit us at our Website


      Hi Ian, looks like a nice outfit!


        Hi Ian

        Good to have you on board. It must be fun attending all your shows and festivals. Happy days!


          hello from me too


            Thanks for the kind wishes !

            I will be putting my order in for my red Berlingo tomorrow. There will be a four week wait as it is still on a ship enroute to Australia. That will give me plenty time to plan my next trip and start work on the bed platform.

            The main advantage for me of a bed platform is that I will arrive at my destination with the bed made and ready to sleep in without any work to be done. At the moment I arrive with all my gear sitting on top of my bed then I have to unload and set up the annex to store the gear in before I can relax.

            I travel mostly alone because my wife is not keen on camping. Her feelings resulted from a disastrous first camping trip in the sixties where we were hit with a thunder storm on the first night and had the tent swamped while trying to get three young children to sleep.

            I try to travel with the minimum of equipment. It is amazing how little you really need to take with you. Don't you just love it when one of the massive
            motorhomes pulls up alongside with all their "necessaries" from home on board.
            I usually sit back and enjoy my wagyu steak and glass of red while they are firing up their generators and spending their evening watching the same TV programmes they watch at home. Why do they bother ! Taking about generators - they are a pet hate of mine. Some festivals have banned them thank goodness, but others allow the noisy smelly things to operate till late at night. The National Folk Festival in Canberra has the right idea - they put all the generators together and the quiet campers are as far away as possible.

            Cheers for now


              Hello all

              Here is my news from Brisbane, Australia.

              I took delivery of my red Berlingo 2 Long on Fri 17th Sep and I am very pleased with it. My first trip will be next week - depart Thu 30 Sep going to the Australian Campoven Festival.

              I have been busy extending the length of my mattress. I use a product called Endurfoam which is a high density foam 15 cm thick and nice and firm. The original mattress has lasted 8 years and has held its shape well.

              I am searching for window weather shields for the Berlingo 2 - the dealer says they don't make them so I am looking for a local manufacturer. The temperatures we get here mean you have to have windows open at night hence the weather shields in case it rains.

              I will post some photos from the festival when I return.

              Cheers for now


                Sounds very interesting, Ian!

                Good luck with the remake as well.

                We don't get much trouble with generators here, as most campsites (proper) don't allow them. I did stay on one once in the Lakes where a couple had a huge caravan, a twin axle thing, and a generator that irritated no end.

                However, I was only on a one night stopover en-route to somewhere else, so it wasn't a problem for very long, thank goodness! And yes, that same smug feeling just putting the legs down and the kettle on!



                  I just got back from the Australian Camp Oven Festival and the new Berlingo performed excellently both as a transporter and as a camper. It fits my needs perfectly and I am already planning the next trip. Here are some photos -
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                    Hi Ian, glad you are pleased with your new van, the long wheelbase looks good for camping. Not sure about the look of some of that tucker, sort of wonder what is in that stew, the odd bit of road kill perhaps
                    Derek Our Berlingo camping car


                      Hello Derek

                      Some of the competition teams did have roast roo on their menu - but for sale to the general public the beef stew in the picture was top quality meat cooked slowly over the hot coals for several hours and it was delicious.

                      Here are some of the team menus and a picture of a team in action.

                      Cheers for now

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                        Well that certainly looks like fun!

                        Love the Bad boys menu!

                        The new berlingo looks just the job!


                          How does your Berlingo handle dirt roads

                          Hi IanS

                          Hi new to this forum. Just off to the dealer to look at a new Berlingo Van with view to creating a camper. Was just wondering how the Berlingo handles on your average australian dirt road. I live in the Blue Mountains and I wouldnt want to have to avoid the odd stretch of dirt to get to my destination.



                            Hello mads_smh

                            I have driven the Berlingo on a few dirt roads without any problems. It handles very well and has a great diesel engine. I am very happy with the van - it is perfect for camping and it performs well as my transport in the city.




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