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Citroen Berlingo windscreen dimensions

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    Citroen Berlingo windscreen dimensions

    Could someone who has a Citroen Berlingo help me please...?

    I'm about to advertise my Kangoo Roo for sale but first need to make a new set of internal silver screens which will fit both a Kangoo and a Berlingo - which I'm planning to adapt as a 'camping car'. But, just when I need to measure the windscreen and driver's side window, they must have seen me coming because I can't find a single one in local car parks. As for visiting a dealer - they already eye me with too much curiosity bordering on suspicion when they hear my plans...

    If you have a Berlingo, please could you measure
    * width of windscreen (top and bottom)
    * height of windscreen
    * height of driver's side window
    * width of driver's window top and bottom

    Thank You

    Karen W - possibly soon to be minus the Roo... <sniff...>

    I assume you meen the old Berlingo, now called the Berlingo First

    In old money, I only use imperial, none of this foreign stuff

    * width of windscreen (top 48" and bottom 58")
    * height of windscreen 29"
    * height of driver's side window 19"
    * width of driver's window top 31" and bottom 33"
    Beware the door window is tear shaped, the diagonal is 38"(top back to bottom front)

    Disclaimer, all measurements approximate, better allow a bit more

    Sorry to hear beloved Roo is going, you will find the Berlingo seriously frugal, particularly if you keep the weight down.

    Good luck with your project
    Derek Our Berlingo camping car


      Hi Derek

      Thank you very much for this - it's very helpful.

      I'm very sad to have to put my beloved Roo up for sale but I can't afford to run two vehicles. I'm proposing to replace the Roo and Kangoo van with an adapted camping car similar in concept to yours but with a permanently fitted sink. The bed and storage units will be modular and there will be a gas hob and grill used outside under the hatch canopy. The mains hook-up will be basic - a lead through the window and foam/rubber fill-in for the gap! It should all be very versatile, I can have my business use insurance and will save a fortune in tax, insurance and MOT/maintenance costs.

      There will be many tears *sniff...* when the Roo leaves but I'm trying to look forward to the challenge of adapting something to my own spec, with lower overall costs meaning - more camping!!!

      There's been a lot of inspiration on this forum, and particularly from yourself, which makes me confident that this is the right thing to do - so thanks again for that and your various video links.



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