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    O no, over the second row, between the sliding doors.....there is some overhead storage above the windscreen ....

    Could be similar to this


    or this


    Anyway, till end of Summer we have our current vehicle..

    These are the "High Load Retaining Nets" of the current Peugeot Partner...

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      I had to arrange transports of heavy scenery items for Opera and Theatre....also smaller and delicate items like wants everything to arrive in the state it has been when loaded.....hence my professional interest in things like this

      mind you, the above is quite comprehensive....

      How those non binding guidelines are applied is a matter for the individual member states.....good work, from those unelected bureaucrats..... ;-)
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        To the little dog question...he is only with us for approx 4 month, give or take, during the year...2 month in Winter and the rest, well a week or two here or there...last year it was close to half a year, due to exceptional circumstances in his owners life....

        He travels in the passenger footwell, between my wifes feet....a little cushion down there....sometimes he is naughty and jumps up on her lap for a short be told off after a while....thats normally the time for a little break, from driving...

        In the Peugeot Partner I could also think of rigging something up between (but behind) the front seats...on top of one of those boxes.....a soft sided travel bag, securely fixed, the bag...him as well, in his's only 4.5 kg of dog...that way he could still feel part he is still very near us......important for a lapdog...

        Got a special bag for him to ride on the Brompton with me...he loves it...loves as well to get out of it, when I step off the bike...;-) ....for him, better in the bag than left at contest......he puts up with it with joy...
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            Good to see you back and at it.

            I was hoping to make good use of roof nets in my own van. After examining the idea further I am not so sure.

            It would be fine for anyone whose camping style is to have everything packed away while traveling, and all out and set up when camped. My own though is very much that everything is available and accessible all the time. There is no difference between camped or traveling mode.

            After trying a small roof net in the front, I quickly realised that the reduced headroom due to the net sagging, meant it would be virtually impossible to easily move around underneath a net in the back as I had hoped. To do any cooking, or even just to sit in the back would need the nets removing or at least unloading. In which case, as the stuff would need moving before using the rear anyway, it may as well be on the floor or seats in the first place?


              We have a lightweight down duvet for the rooftent, it could stay in there when travelling....folding the tent no problem with it in...

              when we are longer on a campsite its hung on the washing line, in good weather, to air...almost on a daily basis...and we turn the mattress...

              short stays, the duvet takes up moisture during the night, being from condensation or/and sweating, leaving it in the rooftent packed up in its waterproof non breathable cover does not seem to be a good idea..
              It could live during driving (from one night stand to one night stand..;-)...) in the overhead net, airing itself far more than in the covered up rooftent on top of the car, when camping the roof tent is open and the duvet removed from the net and placed in the could also be just thrown on the boxes, as you say....together with the towels...the duvet...

              So, that overhead storage is not one of the prioritys, but, good to know one can..or could.....easily...if one would need it...

              The current Peugeot Partner, the version with the glass roof, does come with some built in overhead storage across the windscreen in front (on all versions) and then running through the middle axis of the car plus having a box at the ceiling next to the tailgate (thats the version with the 4 glass windows in the ceiling)...out of the reasons you mentioned I would probably not go for that....despite feeling tempted...especially by that back box on the ceiling....


              We rarely stay in the car......all my above posts were about exploring the possibilities a car like that could offer......a mental help me decide...

              all those additional storage spaces (including those roof ones ) add up to a 184 liters..

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                One of the reasons I went for the Kangoo model I did was because it had overhead lockers. Knowing what I do now, I wouldn't bother with them. They were always in the way when I tried to a bootjump set up, so I took them out. They took a lot of space for a small amount of not very accessible storage. I had decided to follow Derek's idea of using the fixing points to hold a net. But, I got fed up with the locker unit sitting in the corner of my kitchen, so I put it back in the car before Christmas for one last try and now find that, with my current set up, they don't get in the way at all. Still might replace them with a net as I would get more usable storage in the space. The only reason I may keep them is that they provide a large surface that I don't mind drilling into so may provide some useful attachment points?

                The point being, overhead lockers may be helpful or may just get in the way, depending on your layout. I seem to remember one of the youtube videos about Amdro Bootjump was in a Partner with sunroof and the couple said they needed to take the lockers out in order to sit on the chairs.


                  Our overhead hammocks over our table and over the cab seats and to an extent the settee may only work because our high roof model gives space that others do not have.


                    There are these available for the Peugeot, the fit into the top fixing points of the luggage net....they open up more possibilities..

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                      As far as load securing goes, with all the back seats removed, and all my loose boxes I probably have to go for something like this with quick releases..


                      all the fixing points in the car ( also the overhead ones) are done to at least ISO 27955....which covers seatbelts, seats and so on as well..

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                        Additionally an upright one behind the front seats...similar to here...quick releases as well...for those loose lightweight items one throws in as an afterthought or things which should be easily accessible...

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                          This company does make them to measure..


                          This one has standard sizes



                            As a PS

                            here are some helpfull tips and hints for securing loads in 4 seperate downloads, just click on the page, they include formulas as well if one wants to do some calculations...

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                              Wow your boxes held down like that and a vertical net covers that problem


                                I do think it would...weakest point probably the fixing points inbuilt into the car, not the netting, as those cargo nets are also used in commercial air transport as dividers and for strapping down loads...and in trucks like these in the Dakar rally...

                                One easily forgets how much upright back seats actually do for securing a load.....the additional available cargo nets from the car manufacturers do little more than prevent light, or better very light items from shooting case of an accident...not that I plan to have one...
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