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T5 3/4 bed.

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    T5 3/4 bed.

    I have been looking at potential vans to upgrade to. One I keep coming back to is a t5.

    My one concern however is the width of the bed in most of them. Is a 3/4 Rock and roll bed wide enough to fit 2 small adults in they look tiny!!
    I'm 5,8 and misses is 5'4 and both quick small. The best part of the demountable is the amazing nights sleep we always get.

    come on someone must have a t4 or a t5!
    Also looking at citroen relay/fiat ducato vans...


      Only you will know if the bed is big enough. I don't suppose it is as big as your home bed is it? All you can do is go to the dealer, take your shoes off and lie there for an hour. It would be a bad mistake to buy it and then have to sell it because the bed is too small and you spend the ensuing days grumpy from lack of sleep. Without good sleep any holiday turns into a nightmare.
      Having looked around at all sorts of panel van conversions my favourite is Carthago Malibu.
      The trouble with a hotel is that it tends to stay in one place.


        Sounds similar to a couple sharing a single bed. (Compare the measurements with a single bed and see how much more width you would get.)

        Perfectly possible when slim but perhaps not conducive to a really good night's sleep. It rather depends on how restless each sleeper is. A few nights in such a bed would probably have the accumulative effect of making you feel pretty tired, I would think.

        In the event of needing to get up for the loo during the night, would that actually be possible?
        Carpe diem!


          We had barely 4' bed in our trailer tent, though a full 6' 6" long.

          Fine on cool nights in the tent, you could snuggle up. Not so fine when it was baking hot like it currently is.

          There isn't anywhere to go, except off the edge!!

          As Sue says, what about the night time visits. The one against the van wall will need to disturb the one on the outside edge (or levitate!)


            Originally posted by NomadSue View Post
            Sounds similar to a couple sharing a single bed.
            Ha ha that reminded me of when The Fragrant One (who was indeed fragrant . . . then) and I were first married. We had been married a few weeks and then went to stay with my parents. They arranged my old bedroom with two single beds on opposite sides of the room.
            Since I was in love, we both slept in one bed. The next morning I went downstairs to the kitchen and said to my mum "Who was the other bed for?". With a shriek of horror she ran upstairs and saw that one of the beds had not been slept in!
            Ah, Those were the days. Mum died on June 4th while we were away on holiday.
            The trouble with a hotel is that it tends to stay in one place.


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