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Leveling ramps and emergency equipment

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    Leveling ramps and emergency equipment

    I have just received a pair of small leveling ramps for my Fiat Scudo having got a bit fed up with water not going down the plughole on uneven sites.

    Space is very scarce in the van so I had delayed this purchase. In the event the problem was solved by the ramp suppliers who included a bag large enough for a bus. I mean bus ramps, not an actual bus.

    So I have dedicated this nice-looking bag to: the ramps, first-aid kit, tow strap, folding shovel, and the emergency triangle in its case. This bundle fits into part of the luton that is otherwise difficult to use, and looks smart. Would that the snow chains (bought mainly for mud) would go in too.

    I think this is a case (bag) of filling (fulfilling) my motto!

    Seek to make a virtue of necessity.

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