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renault kangoo ?

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    renault kangoo ?

    ive seen a few kangoo's about and im hoping i can get some advice and feedback about them.
    are they reliable?
    any common faults i should look for?
    whats the best diesel engine to get?
    to people who own or have owned one would you buy another?
    would really be grateful for any advice and tips etc regarding the kangoo..
    thanks jason

    I have the 1.2l petrol model van which is nearly 10 years old and I've had it for 7 years. During this time, it's had heavy use, been used and abused, carried heavy loads, been used for camping and leisure and has never let me down once. It's sailed through all of its MOTs with no problems at all and has been completely reliable, a smooth runner, good starter and has required very little maintenance due to the 18k service interval. It still has its original exhaust and no major parts have needed replacement. Of all the vehicles I've had in 23 years, this has been the cheapest to maintain and the best. It averages 47mpg and I've achieved 52mpg on long journeys.

    The only issue I have is that there is quite severe rust in one of the sills. From examining it, it looks as through lime has got inside (previous owner was probably a farmer) and caused slow corrosion which I hadn't noticed until I inserted insulation a few months ago. I showed it to a Renault expert who has several 1998 models and he said it was the worst he'd ever seen. He's a Renault dealer, has sold lots of Kangoos and never known any problems with them so I've been very unlucky and it's a one-off problem.

    My husband has a 6 year old 1.2l petrol car, as do my in-laws and until 2 months ago I also had the 1.6l petrol automatic Kangoo Roo conversion - but this is less economical.

    I would highly recommend the Kangoo as a practical vehicle, workhorse, leisure vehicle and perfect model for camping in. If the rust problem on mine causes terminal deterioration in a few years then it will be replaced by another, either petrol or diesel.

    If you buy a Kangoo, I don't think you will be disappointed.



      Hi we have had 3 Kangoo's from new or next 2 new over the last 8 years.

      A 1.9 dci 80 trekka 4x4 which was good on slippy roads and muddy fields.
      It was however underpowered as the 1.9dci had been downgraded from 120bhp in the megan to only 80bhp in the 4x4 trekka.
      A good garage could remap it and that would probably be better.
      To be honest we complained to the renault dealer and they remapped it for better performance.
      A 1.5 dci 80 mpv which was the best giving brisk performance and good 55+ mpg.
      To my mind the best kangoo of the lot.Had it 4 yrs only problem was central door lock on fuel side caused by sensor for fuel cap.
      Have heard turbo's can go on high milage one's .
      Change oil and filter at least every 12mths even Renault now have revised service intervals.
      We now have a 1.2 petrol 09 reg it gives 45+ but isn't as nice to drive as 1.5 dci 80 actually 82bhp.
      Problem with this oil leak over manifold cam seal all done on warranty.
      All the Kangoo's drive good as the base etc is from uprated clio suspension I think
      good look what you get.
      I am thinking of getting an Amdro bootjump camper conversion for it ours.


        Had both pertrol and deisel, would go for deisel, loved my trekka and would have bought another but like hens teeth in the highlands, I will have the plans to convert my partner in to a stealth camper and will be doing so over the next few weeks, looking for fou identical cool boxes I can use as storage and bed supports. got the planes for the folding bed off this website, just do a search. Good luck and get a tail gate kango and add a free standing awning and you have a place to cook sit and store stuff.



          ive seen plenty of 1.9 diesel kangoo,s for sale and a few 1.5dci,s
          what are these engines likw? i dont expect a ferrari but dont want mopeds overtaking me either


            1.9 v 1.5dci

            The 1.9 is reliable will do very high milages if serviced and give 50+mpg if driven right.
            The 1.5 Dci (80 82 84 86 bhp) are very nippy extremley economical 60+mpg and will do high milages if looked after.
            Personally the Dci 80's are the one's I 'd go for
            Good luck on your search


              Mine is 2000 reg 1.9 diesel with 113,000 on the clock. It's an old engine (no common rail), so I only get average 38 mpg. You have to keep it going to maintain the momentum (can be gutless uphill), otherwise it's fine, including towing 25 ft long (glider) trailer.
              It is French car so it's fine while it's going, but expect electrics to be temperamental and when it goes wrong it will be difficult to work on (or expensive to have garage to do the job).



                Remember... don't dismiss the petrol engines. Both Renault and non-Renault garages, particularly the latter, often say the petrol engine models are better than some of the diesels, especially the older ie pre-2006'ish 1.9 diesels....

                Also, earlier this year when I was thinking of selling my 1.2 petrol van, I was offered a higher value for it with a petrol engine than diesel. I was surprised and it wasn't what I was expecting to hear, but each of the dealers I spoke to said it was much more saleable and preferable.


                  We have a 1.6 16v Petrol Kangoo Expression conversion, Sandra drives it at 85 mph on motorways, outside lane all the way. It is as lively as our car, easy to park, well let's face it, it is a car conversion, mpg about 30, we bought it last December, past MOT with no problem, so far all is well. Drivelodge did a completely new conversion for us, I did a solo camp last month didn't need the awning or much clutter, Sandra and I have just completed a 2 week trip took loads of stuff, such as table, chairs, wardrobe, windbreak, lots of clothes etc., so needed to use the awning, mostly for storage. With two of us definite requirement is some agility, no details, but you definitely need to be nimble, especially when nature calls in the middle of the night. (Note:- must drink less booze before bedtime).


                    This is the model I had (1.6, 16v with an auto gearbox). It was very nippy, cruised along effortlessly and had plenty ooomph for overtaking. I achieved a better mpg - but I have a very light right foot!

                    With two people living in it, you're right about needing to be nimble but for solo-camping, it's perfect!


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