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The Veepod fold out sleeping space

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    The Veepod fold out sleeping space

    A bed on a floor which stores vertically immediately inside the rear door(s) and folds out pulling with it a tent enclosure. It occupies only about ten inches of space when stowed.

    I saw this at the Peterborough show in 2016 but couldn’t remember the product name or find it by a Google search. I thought it was a good product but too expensive at £1250. I have not been able to find any later developments but at least the web site is maintained:

    I have no connection with Veepod but hope it might be useful to someone here even if only as inspiration!

    With a tailgate rather than barn doors it might be possible to add insulated sides to make it a bit more comfortable and perhaps extend its use into the colder months.

    Hmmm, it seems to have all of the disadvantages of a camper van together with the disadvantages of a tent as a bonus.


      There was something similar to that in the 70s on Vauxhall/Bedford Viva vans. 'Tweren't very good either!


        Oh dear, Misted , that went down like a ton of bricks didn't it? Never mind! Thanks for posting, I for one love looking at different ideas for campers, even though I'm not yet ready to give up on caravanning.


          Thank you Cynthia for your kind encouragement, I too take an interest in campers particularly small ones. Haven’t cracked the quart into a pint pot conundrum yet.

          I didn’t expect the Veepod to be of much interest as I think many members of this forum either own or aspire to own a Romahome or similar. Others have moved on to alternatives that better suit their needs. I think all of those options offer a much more civilised and comfortable experience than the half van half tent Veepod. But although it appears not to have found a market I think there is a good idea or two there.

          Montyburns56 fashions a good turn of phrase but has not shared with us what are “all of the disadvantages of a camper van” or “the disadvantages of a tent” to which he objects.


            I think it might Danbury Campervans that make a glassfibre pod that slides out of the back of a VW T5/T6 which houses the bed, which makes the living space bigger. My only concern with this would be water getting in through the joins and having the tailgate left open in all weathers. Personally the simpler it is the better it is, less is more in my opinion.


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