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    Yes I agree, I was really referring to a small ready built campervan, certainly not an over-priced VW. I think after a bit of looking around you could get a Talbot Express worth having for about £5k.
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      I am feeling very bad that I started this thread and then for various reasons everything went on hold and I hadn't checked in at all. Thanks so much for your replies, especially fenman - useful info from someone who has one.

      Berlingo15 - thank goodness I'm not the only one who is bewildered by the options even having done all the research! I'd also pretty much decided on RED, they seem to have more options. I have emailed them and haven't had any response - have you managed to contact them at all? I'm not on FB. I could call then but times are so difficult for everyone I don't like to disturb them! Have you got it yet?

      In reply to some the posters about what they are, weight etc. the beauty of them is that they can stay in the boot while you ise it as a car, and the Berlingo?partner boots are so big that most of the time I'd imagine you can still use the space above the boot jump (as long as you remove the cushions). But I hadn't thought about the weight in terms of tital load so that's really useful.


        Originally posted by Berlingo15 View Post
        Thanks for your quick replies! Much appreciated
        I actually already did some research, the reason why I'm reaching out to you is because most of the boot jumps we were considering (Campal, Amdro, Red, Pendle) have quite the similar layout and when checking for reviews, they all score quite well. So far, we have only camped with a VW California, which we found to be very comfortable and we'll equipped.
        The reason why we want to buy a boot jump is because we have a Berlingo that can easily fit one and since we travel mostly by car, we see how this could be a great advantage to have a sleeping place between long drives or for weekend trips. The Red seems the most interesting for now, especially it's price. The Getaway from Red is by far the cheapest from the four mentioned above: the boot jump + blinds and delivery to Belgium is priced at 1165 £, where for instance the Campal starts at 1850 £ and Amdro at about 1700 £ (prices without options, accessories and shipping). Buying cheap always makes me doubt the quality, but honestly I haven't found any bad reviews on the Red boot jump yet.

        Nice evening to you all and stay safe!
        I had one from Red campers, the one you've mentioned I think, and I'm a big fan. A boot jump gives the the opportunity to get out and about, without changing vehicles or paying a fortune. It gives you a chance to see what suits you. Try to find a 2nd hand one on this forum or others similar to save extra cash, until you know if it really works for you. Good luck.🚙😊


          When we were looking to buy a boot jump, I've mailed to Campal, Amdro and RED. Campal never answered my mail..., Amdro replied the day after but RED answered within a few hours! I had quite a few questions to ask and I must admit that I was positively surprised by the quick returns from RED. Fun fact is that you can customize your boot jump, something the other brands do not offer.
          The actual boot jump we have ordered from RED will be leaving the UK tomorrow, so I hope to have more news by the end of next week. I'll post some pictures when we've installed it. I am very enthusiastic about it


            It's always good to get a recommendation about an efficient company. I do hope the RED boot jump turns out to meet your expectations. Looking forward to seeing some photos, and also information re: weight, and ease of fitting/use and quality etc.


              Berlingo15, Good luck with your boot jump, I'm sure it will be everything you've hoped. I certainly had no regrets. You've probably seen the amdro video on you tube of the couple who buy the boot jump for their berlingo. If not, please look it up. It's what convinced me the way forward was " a jump". Safe, happy travels. 🚙😊


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