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Self Build Fiat Doblo Article

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    Self Build Fiat Doblo Article

    Paul Winch has very kindly sent in an article about his self build Fiat Doblo if you are interested you can read it here:

    I am hoping to be able to add some pictures soon.

    If you want to write an article about your self build vehicle along with any pictures for publication on the website you can send it to me here: [email protected]
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    self build Doblo article what is a fiat P?

    Whilst researching whether we wanted to buy a Doblo high roof I came across the figure of loading weight 600kg for this vehicle less 150 kg =450 divide by 5 people gives a "Fiat P" assumption of 90KG per person (14 stone in old money) which seems reasonable.
    It gave a GVW of 1960 KG and a minimum kerb weight of 1360KG. I think I read somewhere that minimum kerb weight was with fuel and water and maybe with a 75kg driver so there is just a possiblity that the driver is counted twice.
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