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Kangoo or Doblo?

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    Kangoo or Doblo?

    Been looking around the site for some time but this is my first post.
    Great site with lots of useful info and links, so I'll continue to look in on a regular basis.
    I hope to embark on a self build camper based on a Kangoo or Doblo with removable fittings. I can vouch for the Kangoo's reliability, having owned one for 6 years but I only got as far as thinking about converting it. Then in a moment of madness I sold it last year !!!
    So, buying and converting another Renault is favourite at the moment but the high top Doblo has caught my eye. Ok, it's an ugly beast but who cares when it has practicality in its favour. Just wondering if anyone has experience of the Fiat, any reliability issues or questions about build quality?

    I did convert a Fiorino van some years ago, that was good fun, especially a couple of weeks touring the Czech republic-but that's another story!
    Keep up the good work.


    Welcome to the forum, we have some Kangoo enthusiasts and some Doblo enthusiasts so hopefully they will be along soon to advise you.

    Meanwhile have a look at our website if you haven't already.

    Kangoo review

    Self build Doblo review

    I will move this post to "Cars and light vans adapted for camping" section so that it gets noticed by self build enthusiasts.
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      I`ve had the Kangoo 1.6 16v MPV for about 6 weeks now, used it for a week in the Isle of Man (carrying bikes, fishing gear, etc inside with no problems. Its returning 35-38mpg on unleaded, it`s comfortable and handy...check out my pictures in my other posts.


        I can vouch for a Kangoo being the perfect vehicle to adapt. I had the 1.6 petrol KangooRoo camper (as reviewed) but am now using a 10 year old basic panel van, 1.2 petrol engine giving up to 52mpg. It has very basic removable modular units and serves me well as the perfect stealth camper, tin-tent and day-to-day runabout.

        I've had Fiats previously, although not a Doblo, but I've been very impressed with the reliability of my Kangoo which has had the lowest maintenance costs of any vehicle I've owned in 30 years and insurance is cheap at £175 fully comp, protected NCB and business use included. I don't think you could go wrong with a Kangoo - my husband and in-laws have Kangoo cars and we've never had any problems with them (yet!).


          Originally posted by karenw View Post
          I don't think you could go wrong with a Kangoo - my husband and in-laws have Kangoo cars and we've never had any problems with them (yet!).

          I hope you aren't tempting fate Karen. I have found statements like that tend to come back to haunt you, I always touch wood.
          Did you know you can follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter or you can visit us at our Website


            Originally posted by Graham View Post
            I hope you aren't tempting fate Karen. I have found statements like that tend to come back to haunt you, I always touch wood.

            (I typed it with tightly-crossed fingers...)


              They are fine until they go wrong ... and they do
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              keep your fingers well crossed



                The link given above by Graham leads to the Kangoo Roo which is nice but a professional job. Our Doblo is described in the entry "Self - Build Doblo" on the Home Page Menu. Our project continues - we are not ready for France yet and have clearly missed the Summer.

                I have to confess that I cannot understand how anyone considers other than a High-Roof Doblo for a small campervan, unless a lifting roof is considered. Then the options open up, of course. I didn't want the extra complication and probably extra weight, expense, and heat loss.

                Someone here has called the Doblo "ugly". In the Low-Roof version, yes. But I find the High-Roof version delightful: "perky and quirky".. The vehicle is very well thought-out and built, and offers lots of possibilities. My article and pics refer.

                I've gone for a flexible and perhaps complex layout (there's certainly tons of work) retaining the rear seat for use when required.

                A complication may be floor levels. I have not examined alternative vehicles - I was utterly convinced this was the right one - but a ridge behind the rear seat foot well could be a problem for those dispensing with the rear seat. I've resolved all the technical details for our adaptation of the vehicle except for the addition of a heater. This remains problematical both regarding space, location of inlet and outlet etc, and condensation. Obviously with Winter approaching, heater-free camping is less viable. I hate the idea of having to plug in anywhere, and because our gas capacity is so small (though ample for a two-burner Smev) I want a diesel heater. Since we get 68 mpg on long runs and we have a large diesel tank, we can spare a bit of fuel on cold evenings and perhaps mornings. We never use a heater overnight in any case.

                Regards, Paul.
                Seek to make a virtue of necessity.


                  Don't forget to check out the conversion that fits Kangoo's/ Berlingo's and Doblo. They also allow full use of your back seats and no changes to your base vehicle. Can easily be removed from your boot and stored when not needed.
                  Don't know how long you will have to wait for them to be built though ?


                    As far as Doblo versus Kangoo is concerned they are very different vehicles.
                    Had Kangoo's for years no major problems. Drive's like a car (clio platform) economical best engine DCI 80/84 engine 60mpg 0-60 11.5 sec.
                    Have driven Doblo very van like but ok. More interior space ,they do very high milages check out all the taxis with 250k +. Not as safe as Kangoo Ncap 4 , 3 Doblo. Front deforms badly with head on potentialy injuring seriously users.


                      How about opting for a van version of a Kangoo instead of a car. This has a flat floor and, being a van, you have many more options including scope to insulate the walls and roof, fit out the interior (removable modular units which convert van 'temporarily' to campervan) and you can fit a diesel heater.

                      With a car you are much more limited. With increased glass it is very hot in summer, chilly in winter and can stream with condensation. Also, insurers seem to be happy for a heater to be installed in a van whereas in a car, in my experience, it's always required a referral to the underwriters and a refusal.

                      The Kangoo Roo was mine but now I'm camping in my original Kangoo van using the above principles. Having tried and tested the two over the last 10+ years, and camped in Fiat Pandas prior to the Kangoos, I would never revert to car camping having experienced the benefits of a van.

                      Re headroom - after selling the Roo with its elevating roof, I wondered if this would be an issue. However, I haven't missed it at all and at just under 5'9", I'm not tiny! I have a bed of just under 7' and would highly recommend my style of camping and, in a 10 year old van returning 50mpg, it's probably as cheap as it could possibly be.


                        Hi all,
                        Many thanks for your replies re: Kangoo or Doblo.
                        However, I have decided to look for a Berlingo or Peugeot partner van on the basis that they have glazed rear doors and fold flat passenger seat.
                        I'm 6' 1" so the extra bed length afforded by the folding seat would be a boon.
                        It's a shame the Kangoo LWB is not available in the UK, or at least doesn't seem to be. I've seen several in France and Belgium. Perhaps we are too image consious in this country though with a practical vehicle such as that, who cares about image.

                        I have looked at the Amdro option but to minimise conversion costs I would prefer to go along the DIY route, so to speak, such as I did with the old Fiat I had some years ago but with a few alterations.

                        Incidentally, there are a couple of dark green Berlingo vans, possibly ex forestry comission, for sale on autotrader van site. Good colour for a stealth camper?


                          I wouldn't write off a Kangoo van. Mine has glazed rear doors and these and glazed side sliding are available as an option on a new vehicle or can be added later, as my rear glazed windows were.

                          I'm also interested in the LWB version. They are available in the UK and I've seen a few out on the road. It's always a case of what's available at the time you're looking.


                            Some but not all Kangoo vans are available with a folding passenger seat and glazed rear doors.


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