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Camping Gaz problems

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    Camping Gaz problems

    This may have been covered before but I can't follow every thread on this Website (or even, more than two).

    A post on the sbmcc Website cites a leaking Camping Gaz bottle and later contributions suggest this is common. Since camper van owners rarely have room for the smallest Calor Gas bottle (let alone two bottles, or a GasLow refillable bottle that would be ideal) this is a major problem. I have some questions:

    1) Am I right that these things are sold in supermarkets on the Continent (not just the little cylinders for picnic stoves, that you puncture)? If so, how can these retail spaces remain safe?

    2) Why doesn't the screw-on cap suffice as a second line of defense after the automatic ball valve? A proper blanking cap would do this.

    3) I only have room for a 907, and a maximum of two 901 cylinders to cope when the 907 runs out. While the 907 is connected, presumably it is safe, but during this time the one or two small cylinders could be fizzing away putting my drop down vents to the test, wasting money, and standing to be unavailable when required.

    4) Testing all refills at the factory would seem to be a very easy matter these days - we had gas alarms decades ago, and the bottlesd could alternatively be run on a conveyor under water - so why isn't it done?

    5) This seems to me to be an urgent matter for the Health and Safety Inspectorate.

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