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Bike and Music weekend, Gieselwind Germany

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    Bike and Music weekend, Gieselwind Germany

    Glastonbury for £160? Forget it.
    Goodwood festival for £230? Forget it.
    Camping for £30 a night for a patch on a bit of grass with no entertainment? forget it.
    Try this. 5 nights camping / caravan / motorhome, Plus 15 groups playing, Plus drag strip demos of jet powered cars, bikes and general lunacy. Beer running down the road. About 2000 motorbikes a lot of which are home made, and I don't mean Harleys with added tassles. I mean designed and built in the owners shed in his garden.
    FOR 35 EUROS ALL IN. For 5 nights. NOT 35 a night, 35 for 5 nights. That is, you pay a TOTAL of 35 euros and you can stay on the camp site for 5 nights, see (and hear, you won't be able not to hear) 15 groups and thousands of motorbikes.
    So how come the English are money grabbing opportunists and Germans can put on a show like this for 7 Euros (about ten pounds by next August) a night? I have no idea, but I did go a couple of years ago and took 2 weeks to drift down there and a week to drift back. It was brilliant. And it is within striking distance of Friedrichshafen, where they made and still make Zeppelins. There's a Zeppelin museum which is fascinating, they have the remains of one of the engine pods from the Graf Zeppelin, that caught fire and crashed. You can stay just outside the museum in a stellplatz, I think they charge 3 euros for electricity, water and dumping. I'm not sure about the charge but there is a stellplatz.
    After that you can drift over to Switzerland where you can't afford anything, so you quickly move over to Austria where you can test your brakes. It's the Alps, you know. Mine failed (from fading) and I had to negotiate a T junction with my eyes closed hoping nothing was coming.
    It's a brilliant holiday.
    Any engine that needs 20 thousand volts to work is fundamentally flawed.

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