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Love travel rally group

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    Love travel rally group

    Freeborn Motorhomes have set up a rally group called LOVE TRAVEL.
    It is open to anyone who has bought a motor caravan from FREEBORN group OR who owns a ROMAHOME.
    Their first rally last year was at Losely hall and was a great success, this year the rally is at Shepton Mallett to coincide with the motorhome show.
    Membership costs £10.00 per year with 4 magazines yearly.
    Phone either Freeborn or Romahome for an application form.
    They intend to hold 2 rallys per annum, when the numbers build up, so join, we can always use another rally - and Freeborn provide the Hospitality.


    Nb: Graham, more free cake!
    Young men sow wild oats.Old men grow sage.


    Yes - joined at Guildford and just had the new mag with details of their next rally.


      There is a get together being planned, final details to be sorted. This month's magazine was very good too, had a nice article about the poets as well as camping bits and pieces.


        Originally posted by Ian STOCKLEY View Post

        Nb: Graham, more free cake!
        Free cake? Free cake? Where do I sign up?
        Did you know you can follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter or you can visit us at our Website


          I'm waiting for Romahome to phone back about joining. I phoned Freeborn initially, and they said to phone Romahome Cowes direct. I tried phoning several days but no answer. Then when I got through on Friday, it was Anna's day off, so still no further forward. I'm hoping we won't be too late to go to Shepton Mallet.

          When we bought our R20 last Sept, we were given some Love Travel magazines, and we joined the Roma club which they told us about. But they didn't say there was a separate Love Travel club. :( I wondered why we hadn't had any more magazines - which are excellent.

          What should I do? I feel we ought to book this weekend, but then we won't be with the rest of you who are going. Do you think it'll be too late to book if I wait to hear back from Romahome?


            Hi Mary
            Same happened to us, New vehicle, Love Travel magazines then no follow up.
            E-mailed about joining, spoke to several people at Freeborns (blank faces all round), finally made progress yesterday when Tina at Guildford branch phoned me to say 'My details had been passed to the correct person and I would be getting a phone call on Monday' ( Fingers crossed ) I will mention you and let you know the out come.
            See you at Shepton.


              Love Travel Is shambolic

              Hi folks,
              I had a similar problem,love travel is relatively new and is somewhat disorganised but the meets are very good,so keep trying,you need to get hold of anna she seems to be the organiser(sole organiser).
              But the end is worth it.
              See you at a love travel rally

              Young men sow wild oats.Old men grow sage.


                Love travel

                Hi all ditto ditto maybe cause i had major probs with the van they sold me i thought id been blacklisted!


                  Has anyone heard any details about the Shepton Mallet LTC meet?

                  It is less than 3 weeks away and I still don't even know the correct dates. The last LTC magazine states 11th to 13th on page 5, but 10th to 12th on page 10.

                  The letter we had in June said that dates and details would be sent out "within the next few weeks" but so far - nothing. I am trying to get some info out of Freeborns, but what I have received so far has only added more confusion.

                  "somewhat disorganised " seems to be an understatement.

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                    Think they phoned me today but I was not in. T said someone from Ronahome had phoned me. BUT it could be about my fabric because I am trying to get some from them.

                    Time is getting on and they really do need to get their act together about notifying us so have mailed them again.


                      Progress (????)

                      I have just had a message in response to my interrogation of "Andrew" the MD of Freeborn. He said -

                      "He's (James Saint of Freeborn Southampton -that is) booked three free nights-the Thursday, Friday and Saturday for LT members. There would be a BBQ on one night and the show's entertainment would be available on the other nights"

                      That would be the 9th, 10th and 11th September - therefore ignore the dates printed in the Love Travel magazine :eek:

                      I tried to phone this James Saint but, needless to say, he was "with a customer". I was howerver told that he had been overheard telephoning Anna (at the factory who appears to be the Love Travel "organiser") earlier today and that we should be contacted "soon".

                      But I am not holding my breath



                        Anna from Romahome phoned me this morning and seems she is on a phone round so all should know soon. Unfortunately we can't make it as we are at another rally in Stroud.

                        Maybe see some of you at the next LoveTravel but certainly at Polstead.


                          Anna rang me today with all the info. Songbird has agreed to go (unfortunately it is the same weekend as Swanage Folk Festival), she took a bit of persuading to miss Swanage but since Folk is more her thing than mine, agreed to do something I prefer. Also, we'll just have to ad hoc some care arrangements for her hubby.

                          We are looking forward to meeting up with people we saw at Wolverley and Comberton and also checking out all the gizmo's at the show to see what might be useful and what we might cobble together more cheaply. Also Songbird was near Shepton Mallet in the Land Army so she wants to visit the farm where she worked. See you there. Ann and Eileen


                            Anna also phoned us yesterday to tell us that LTC were organising a meet at Shepton Mallet and were we interested in going?

                            This was the day after I had called Freeborn chasing up the event at Shepton Mallet and informing them that we wanted to go

                            Did some one-say something abour "somewhat disorganised "

                            Still something seems to be happening at last - better late than never, (but better never late as I used to be told when I was young and unreliable)

                            So, it seems that at least two of us will be there, any others?



                              Hook up at Shepton Mallet

                              Have just been on the website trying to find details of the show, camping arrangements etc and spotted the following -

                              Electric hook-ups are available. Please contact L X Trix Ltd 01749 823162.

                              • If you are rallying with a club, please book your hook-up through the club.

                              I wonder if Anna is aware of this?

                              I will try and phone her today



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