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Bobbybee's camping - Burton Fleming nr Bridlington

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    Bobbybee's camping - Burton Fleming nr Bridlington

    Just had a good weekend at Mere farm a.k.a bobbybee's, so I thought I'd post a review. It won't be everyones cup of tea, but hopefully I cover that below.

    The sites URL is:


    On arrival you're greeted by a walkie talkie on the door, push to speak and Robert comes down to great you from where he is on the farm. A very nice bloke, he basically said "pitch where you like and as long as you recycle your cans and bottle you're fine with me". After a short drive past free-range chickens and turkeys, and rabbits, budgies and guinea pigs then you're into the caravan field. Beyond that is the camping field.

    He only charged us £23 quid for 2 nights for 2 tents, bargain!

    He also allows camp fires within the portable grates he provides, and sells wood etc for £5 a time (thats where he makes the money!). We got some and he brought the wood and grate straight up on the tractor.


    We were camping in a tent, and were just okay to pitch where we wanted. Plenty of room and so we spread ourselves out. Others were in small groups around the edge of a field, there was one or two large groups at the far end who were all camped together (10 or so tents in two groups) but they were far enough away not to bother us.

    Electric hookup was available in the caravan area, though some were limited to 5 amp by the looks of it. So no kettle! The caravan pitches looked spacious and not too cramped. Again I imagine you pitch where you like.

    If you're used to the "fire regs" imposed on other campsites please be aware that this isn't imposed, so those of a nervous disposition (especially with opens fires everywhere) should probably stay away.


    The facilities are okay, but a little basic. I didn't risk the one shower in the mens but it didn't look great, you're basically standing in the toilets with only a shower curtain for privacy. The ladies had a lockable seperate room with a basin and toilet, so that was better.

    There is a lovely breakfast bar in the morning: bacon, sausage, egg, black pudding, fresh coffee (3 different types were advertised but we always had what was brewed). A breakfast cob and coffee was about £3.50, so pricey but not unreasonable.

    That was about it on site - apart from the animals roaming round which added to the fun.

    The campfires added to the atmosphere and encouraged socailizing, we invited our neighbours to share ours and had a good chat over a beer or two til 1am.

    Local Area

    We took a trip to the RSPB's Bempton Cliffs to see Puffins and Gannets among other things. I'd recommend the trip.

    Bridlington and Filey we also visited, typical seaside reports and again both well worth the visit.

    Its a lovely part of the country and plenty of visitor attractions.

    In summary

    Do Expect:

    - large groups of people camping together (though plenty of space meant it wasn't noisy when we were there).
    - Fires
    - Animals roaming round (including George the dog)
    - Decent breakfast
    - a great atmosphere on site
    - a cheap weekend
    - a telling off if you don't recycle everything

    Don't Expect:

    - Strict health and safety
    - Top notch facilities
    - Robert to be available all the time to help with queries. You're pretty much left to it.
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    Sounds like you had a good time and what a price for two tents.

    Thanks for that very comprehensive review.
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      Originally posted by Graham View Post
      Sounds like you had a good time and what a price for two tents.

      Thanks for that very comprehensive review.
      I'm not saying that price was correct - but thats what he asked for and I'm not going to argue. I thought he said on the phone £10 per tent plus £4 an extra person, per night.

      sightings and blogs from the Erewash Valley - my flickr photostream -
      Be a fan of Erewash Valley Wildlife on Facebook.


        bobbybees campsite

        I also visited Bempton cliffs while staying at Scarborough CCC site. Thought it was a magic place really well managed by the RSPB and stunning views of the seabirds. I walked along to see the gannetry and while I was there a peregrine appeared and treated us to some spectacular stoops while trying - unsuccessfully to bag a kittiwake



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