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LED bulb advert.

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    LED bulb advert.

    I did something today which is a first!
    An advert on here for LEDs tempted me. So I "clicked".
    I was surprised to see a massive selection of LED bulbs. But ALL mains voltage.
    Some with small bayonet caps (though twin contact) which could easily be thought to be suitable for reading lamps etc in caravans and so on.
    Somehow, in my mind, I have come to expect LEDs to be mainly for 12 volts. Probably because when I first started using them I think only 12 volt "bulbs" were available.
    Anyway. Before I buy any LED bulbs now, particularly on-line, I will be careful to check the voltage!
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    So far as I know, and I have been told by my son in law who works for a LED manufacturer, all the actual LEDs that you buy are 12v which is jolly handy. The ones that are designed to run off mains are still 12v, but have 230v ac to 12v dc converters built in. They are constant current devices, so when you buy a 5 metre roll of 300 LEDs (60 LEDS per metre) you connect one end to 12v dc and the whole lot light up with the same brightness as if you only had 3 LEDs connected. They generally come in divisions of 3 LED segments, and the strips can be cut every 3 LEDs to make up whatever length you want. They have little dotted lines where you can cut. You do have to be able to solder supply wires to them though.
    My favourite LED supplier is LED hut:
    I have bought quite a few of their LED strips and cut them to whatever length I wanted. I now have LEDs all round the central roof light of my MH, across the inside front above the wall cupboards, in the wardrobe, under the boiler cupboard on the floor where there is a small vent slot, in the washroom and in the gap between the headlight and the top of the bumper. Bling bling. Now I have a £60,000 MH and I only paid £23000 for it!
    Hint for those who might be puzzled: Cool White is white white, and warm white is the yellow light you normally get from filament bulbs. You can get LEDs in absolutely any colour you want, and you can get strip LEDs with remote controls you can remotely change the colour from.
    Another bit of info: If you want LEDs for outside use, ideally get those rated as IP68 which is waterproof. You can also get IP65 which is a lower degree of waterproofness - it may be advertised as waterproof but it will probably get wet in time to come and go fizz pop. You will have fused its supply so dont worry about anything going bang, though.
    If you want a strip of light with no little dots in it, you put the LED strip behind some opaque perspex which diffuses the light so it looks like one long string of light. I have seen that a lot in new Motorhomes and it is beautiful. I have bought some opaque perspex to try it with. To cut the perspex you want a fine tooth saw and use it slowly otherwise the heat of the teeth cutting melts the perspex and you get a mess. Either that or you score it several times with a new Stanley knife blade, but that usually ends up with messy red liquid all over the job which mucks it up.
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