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Motorhome insurance policies

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    Motorhome insurance policies

    There is an awful story that has been running for sometime now on the motorhome forum about this insurance policy. I think it is worth all motorhomers being aware of this story which I have been following since Oct.

    The owners state their vehicle was stolen whilst being in for repair/whatever at a garage and ****** policy apparently has an exclusion clause to say the motorhome is not covered whilst in for repair.

    The result is that the owners say they had to claim via the garage's insurance policy and it was NOT an easy process. They say they had to involve a solicitor etc, received after much haggling 90% of the value plus the insurers deducted the 'excess' payable by the garage... which they state they have not received.

    From this thread I have understood this exclusion clause is not universal and motorhome policies do vary on this point.

    I am not sure I check the cover when I put a vehicle in for repair at a garage and I am not sure how I would check to make sure it was genuine. It has made me think long and hard about reading the small print and making sure that my policies are with reputable companies.

    I do hope you will forgive me posting a negative thread like this Graham and Pauline and I have been extremily careful with the wording.

    Very interesting Sue!

    Sounds like the poor owners are between a rock and a hard place.

    I've never checked my insurance for this. Except when once I had to leave my car overnight at a garage and asked the question. The garage said they were insured if any car was stolen. Makes you wonder though. Certainly something to check I'd say.


      Hi Roamingsue

      We have thought long and hard about this and decided that it is best not to name the company involved without having the full facts of what has happened, so I have replaced the company name with stars.

      We have read the thread on the other forum and apparently the company have now addressed the problem so it seems a little unfair to name them.

      However thanks for bringing the subject up as it is important for people to check their motorhome insurance small print no matter who they choose to insure them.
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        I think the problem is if you are relying on a garage insurance you cannot really check on its validity.... and it seems to be much more difficult to get redress under the garage insurance. If the garage has let its insurance lapse... for whatever reason you apparently, according to this thread be in the position of having to prove negligence..... not easy. In theory you would not be insured in practice you would be at the whim of the insurance company and possibly face negotiation and worry.

        Completely understand your reasoning Graham and was a bit worried about posting but it did make me think very seriously about the scope of the insurance that I have in my possession.


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