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Fuel Prices

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    Fuel Prices

    Great site if kept up to date. Click on the flags for current prices and update price in your area for the benefit of others.

    Tony Anchorman

    That's great Tony, as you say if it is updated accurately it could be really useful. There are three or four in our area and the prices change so that one week one will be cheapest then the next week another one is cheapest, I try and support the one that is selling at the cheapest price, hopefully this website will help.
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      Another site is

      Try it, you get the prices ranked, cheapest first


        Yesterday a friend sent me an email suggesting that we hit back by boycotting the biggest companies. Namely Shell and Esso.
        The email had been sent to me and nine other people, hoping that I and the other recipients would forward the email to a further ten people and then they ....... etc. etc. Sort of like pyramid blackmail.
        The argument was that within days millions of people could have received it and if complied with those companies would suffer a serious loss in sales which would compel them to reduce prices and to stay competitive so would other companies.
        Would it work? I don't know. But I have forwarded my ten because I have nothing to lose. Unfortunately I have no idea how to post the original on here, but if anyone is interested enough to send me their email by private message I will forward a copy.
        Regards to all, Jim.
        Keeping people waiting is stealing a part of their lives.


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