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aires in France

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    aires in France

    As I am an elderly pensioner I find the cost of an extended stay in France beyond my means. I have recently been looking at a book called "All the Aires in France"
    It is published by Vicarius Books and the website is
    They state that the sites are not the French motorway services (Aires) for general use. As they are only to be used by Motorhomes and Campervans.
    I have heard bad reports about the safety of the motorway Aires, but does anyone know if these are different?
    They are offering the book "All the Aires in France" with a special offer of £14.99
    The website is
    can anyone comment on their experiences good or bad on these Aires.
    Regards everyone.

    Hello Eugene

    We have only had experience of one aire, this was last year and it was in a little village called St. Brie en Congles, it was a really lovely beautifully kept little site, all hard standing with about 8 bays for motorhomes to park. Toilets, water and chemical emptying point. We didn't have to pay a penny (or should I say cent).

    We were a little worried at first in case we had any trouble during the night but we needn't have worried it was really quiet. We were the only British van there but it was very popular with the French, Germans and Dutch.

    There is a review of the aire on the main website here

    Personally we wouldn't go on a motorway aire to sleep at night but I wouldn't hesitate to try one like the aire we stayed on last year.
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      Hi Eugene

      I stayed during the day at one in a village called Monbahus in the Lot-et-Garonne area of France this year. I was visiting a friend in the area and chose to stay the night in his garden instead but I don't think I would have hesitated to use the aire. Apparently it was fairly new - the electrics seemed to be unfinished at the time. Very basic facilities - toilet emptying, waste tank emptying, water, EHU during street-lighting hours only. No charge by the way. Room for about three.

      I came across another one adjacent to one of the camp sites where I stayed but as far as I could see it was nearly as dear as the site itself for an overnight stop - I assumed you could use the site facilities - showers, pool etc. Completely different to the first one.

      So there seems to be a wide variation.



        Have stayed on a few and also on municipal campsites costing about £5 per night without electricity.

        I would recommend this book Le Guide Officiel Aires de Services Camping Car and also the campsites book produced by the Camping Club of France (I cannot remember the proper title but they also run the website

        Although they are in french they are easy to use.

        The thing about aires is allow plenty of time, if you feel comfortable sty, if not move on. Villages are better than towns and avoid the motorway aires.

        If you search the other motorhome forums there are plenty of aires recommended.

        One of the best that I have stayed on is Uzerche south of Limoges one February. On the forecourt of the disused station, free including elec, fesh and waste water. The station conveniences were open with hot water on the sinks. I bet it is busy later in the year.




          Your link is missing an "o", it should be or They have a shop in Folkestone.

          If you look on the other thread of French Hols in this section, aires are discussed a little. We shall be using aires extensively next year but not the Autoroute variety, as you say they can be dodgy.

          Tony Anchorman


            Re Aires

            Hi anchorman,
            Thank you for correcting my link,I have this problem in doing things. I think that it is called old age!
            I will certainly try the Aires next year, as it will enable me to spend a longer time in France.


              Don't know if anyone is interested but just downloaded Sat Nav co-ordinates of ACSI Campsites in France and in the download is also the .kml file for Google Earth which appears to include Municipal Aires also.
              Loaded into G E and it looks a mess with hundreds of placemarks but will be handy if on wi-fi over there to find sites.


              Tony Anchorman


                Aires in France

                Here is the link for a good website that lists on a map a lot of aires in france including the free and paid ones, it includes the coordinates as well!



                  Aires in France

                  Hi Keith,
                  Handy link, thanks for sharing it with us, I'm touring Spain and France for the winter next year so yes along with France passion will come in very handy. Thanks.
                  Gadgetman......... (Bryan)
                  'Live without regrets'


                    Originally posted by wheelmon View Post
                    ... EHU during street-lighting hours only...
                    Am I the only one to get a mental picture of someone surreptitiously attaching jump-leads to a street lamp!:idea:


                      Aires in France

                      Thanks gadgetman!

                      I have updated the aires in France and Spain including free and paid ones here is the link

                      Adding more by the day! You have to sign up to view but it's easy to do

                      Once you have opened the map just click on the icons on the top of the map to select more locations

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                        Aires Update

                        I have updated the map with lot's more Aires in France, paid and free and added lots of safe wildparking places for France, Spain, Portugal and Belgium

                        I have now started to add free wifi and self service laundry spots but this will take a little time to get them all on the map!

                        View here or




                          Brilliant, well done keith and thankyou
                          Young men sow wild oats.Old men grow sage.


                            French Aires Update

                            Hi Everyone,

                            I have updated my website so it is now very easy to view stopovers on the map and much easier to add them as well

                            Here is the link to the new map, enjoy!



                              Cheers Keith
                              Always useful info.

                              Tony Anchorman


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