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Providing single pitch in my garden.

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    Providing single pitch in my garden.

    There is a register of people who offer their driveways for parking as a cheaper alternative to railway station carparks. I also remember a site where you can pitch in pub carparks, usually for the cost of a meal in the pub. I was wondering about offering a pitch in my garden, it would be for free (though chocs and wine always acceptable) or maybe an honesty box if people use the water. Is there any sort of register maybe for doing this? If not, what would the pros and cons be - well I can think of a million pros but not many cons.

    I live in a stunning area where people come to visit and the views from the garden are amazing. I could only offer water, no loos or anything and while that might not bother most people, I don't want anyone peeing in my bushes either. I wouldn't want big vans, just small motorhomes/campervans used by nice considerate people such as those on here!

    What does anyone think? Is there an existing register? If you were looking, would you want to camp in that sort of situation? I would - as it would provide a sort of cross between wild camping and that bit of security. But what are the cons likely to be?

    Your thoughts please


    I live in wimbledon,and during the Tennis season lots of people let their drives out to the tennis crowd. The local police and council promptly got nasty about it, claiming:- increased fire hazard!!?, illegal parking practise!?, unlawful buisness practise (same as folk who sell cars from the roadside), and a hatfull of other things.
    Several folk got old bangers dumped in their drives and had to pay to have them removed.
    It all seemed such a good idea,now almost no-one does it.
    Young men sow wild oats.Old men grow sage.


      You may find this is prevented by various bylaws and/or restrictive covenants on properties....

      Having said this, I love the idea - for selected campers. I have a reciprocal arrangement with other owners of small campervans whereby they stay here for a night or two with free hook-up and I stay in their driveway with the same arrangement. This works very well indeed - safe, secure camping at minimal cost, more shared knowledge and experience and, sometimes, a new friend into the bargain!

      I wouldn't advertise this to the general public - only people I've got to know on various forums. Don't want a gang of New Age Travellers turning up!
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        Thanks, goodness, 2 replies already. Yes I thought a reciprocal arrangement might work well too, but wouldn't want people to feel they would have to offer their garden in return.

        I can't imagine anyone would object, after all it's just like having guests to stay isn't it? And I have no close neighbours to object.

        I don't mind new agers coming at all, but it would only be for one night or so, and bookable. Though I'm not sure what I would do it people decided to stay put, that would concern me. I wouldn't advertise it though.

        However, maybe people have made their own arrangements already which is prob the best way of doing it.

        Thanks for your views people - I just though it would be a way of sharing my good fortune in living in such a lovely place, as well as avoiding prohibitive site fees - and it might also force me to tidy up the garden a bit!!


          I have, in the past, had friends stay for up to a week in my garden free of charge, with no thought of any legal consequences.
          I never thought of extending this beyond immediate friends, but the idea of "exchange pitching" (to suggest a name) sounds very practical and quite exciting if there are no legal barriers, and something which perhaps could be promoted via this Forum?
          Keeping people waiting is stealing a part of their lives.


            Just be careful as you could end up with people stopping a few nights to "case the joint" and then you come home one day to find everything gone, or squatters in with the locks changed, so you have no where to live until you have gone to court and won your house back and by then it could be trashed and you would still be liable for the mortgage, elec, gas water, etc

            A lovely idea if people were as honest as they were 50 years ago but personally I wouldn't, you've worked hard to have that lovely house and live where you are it just takes 1 person to destroy it all.
            A dog is for life, for loving and forever, and x3 is even better :)


              I think the risks are very low if you get to know people first eg via a friendly forum such as this one and the arrangement is for use of a driveway/parking space only and possible outside tap if there is one. There's no obligation to invite anyone into your home or offer any additional facilities.

              The risks can also apply to whoever is staying with you so providing common sense prevails and you trust your gut instincts, I'm sure there's very little to worry about.

              I've been doing this for years and stayed in driveways all over the country without a single problem (yet! famous last words!!).


                I stay in friends - family drives and it works very well if you know that person, all with no EHU, or toilet facilities etc, just the use of a night or two park up, works great, and yes there are many pub car parks you can stay for a pub meal, another good thing, there are good people about, without looking at the negative side of things all the time, let common sense prevail, enjoy life, help others, they help you in return.
                Gadgetman......... (Bryan)
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                  We often stay in friends' or families' drives but it is very informal and not part of any scheme.

                  If you have a break in or fire 3 months down the line and they find out you are part of a scheme like this, they will use it as an excuse not to pay out. Does not matter that the two things are not linked. They will use anything to get out of paying.


                    Hmmm, thanks everyone. Food for thought. I'd still like to offer my garden as a stopover somehow, despite concerns raised by kind people on here. I never really think of this as anything I've worked and earned, after all the countryside was here well before any of us were thought of and will continue after we've all been forgotten. The house has survived 300 years and more and it's my job to look after it for the short while I have it so it can go on for another 300 years or more. We're all just custodians. I just sort of feel I'd like to share it all around a bit, that's all.

                    When I go to friends or family's houses I stay in the house with them, never on their drives so the opportunity to do this has never arisen for me. Anyway, the area of garden I was thinking of is on a bit of a slope so maybe not suitable after all. The rest of the garden is on a lot of a slope!

                    ....still thinking..



                      didnt mean to put you off Jan,you have exactly the right attitude in my book,and a discrete arrangement ,perhaps with folk you meet at meets and rallies may prove most enjoyable for both you and them.
                      Young men sow wild oats.Old men grow sage.


                        I think it is a great and generous idea but there is a problem. You forget on this cosy friendly forum that there is a big bad internet out there and in amounst the majority of decent folk you have a few nutters/bad apples.

                        Can see exactly where you are coming from, the fun of seeing different people turning up and how sharing something makes you appreciate more what you have. The friends that could be made and the pleasure you would give.

                        Unfortunately it just needs one wrong person, and the internet is a big place, to turn this into a nightmare. A pub is geared up for the general public and has contingincies for the nutters.... a average home owner is not.

                        So you do need a few stratagies to check people out a little before they show up, think it just needs a bit of thought.


                          There world is a great place, just spoilt by the few. We can’t always look on the negative. We just need to be practical, not over cautious. :eek:

                          There are thieves out there who will steal anything, so we help them by putting a wheel on each corner of our vehicle, allowing them to just roll it away, but this doesn’t stop us from venturing far and wide.

                          Yes some folks make take this kind of gesture for granted but the majority will be grateful and I am sure wine and chocolates will be proffered in thanks.

                          Before any overnight stop would take place there will have been a lot of correspondence and an e mail address's, home address's, telephone numbers, Vehicle registration numbers and model ect will have been exchanged.
                          You will not know the exact character of the person who might stay but you will have all their details.

                          Let your Instinct guide you and be caustious, not hysteria.


                            Sensible approach Donk....


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