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What counts as an awning?

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  • jayjay
    On some sites they do charge for what they call 'pup tents' which are basically what you have. Usually an extra pound a night. I have to say I think it's ridiculous to charge extra for something so small, which is on the same patch of grass you are already paying for.

    I don't think your wind out canopy will be charged for though. It's not using the grass, so no ground rent. I wouldn't even mention it.

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  • VonUK
    started a topic What counts as an awning?

    What counts as an awning?

    We have a Fiamma wind out awning on our r25, which basically provides a canopy, mainly to give shade. It has no sides and can be wound back in instantly. Does this count as an awning?

    The reason I ask is that some sites charge for small tents if they are in addition to an awning. We are going to use a small tent to put our table and chairs etc in overnight and I'm wondering if I'll have to pay extra for it(on some sites).

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