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Why we get a bad name

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    Why we get a bad name

    I stopped at Cairn Lodge services M74 today watching a guy with a motorhome emptying his grey waste onto the road not in a grid but in the road when he left there was a pool of waste water ,made me ashamed to be a motorhome owner had I realized at the time what he had doing and would have had no hesitation in putting him right people who may have seen him would assume that,s what all MH,s do

    Is infrastructure for motor home travellers in GB as good as in France ? Free aires with waste disposal facilities ?


      Originally posted by NiedrigerIQ View Post
      Is infrastructure for motor home travellers in GB as good as in France ? Free aires with waste disposal facilities ?
      No it isn't. Having toured the continent in our original camper years ago we were always impressed by the provision of aires de repose and services and have even seen odd small roadside spaces in France (perhaps enough for a couple of vans) that had tap and electric hook ups Admittedly not as common as the aires of the Municipal campsites but far better than here.
      Public toilets on a journey are hard to find unless you go to a services and you wouldn't want to be taking a waste or toilet tank over there to empty it
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        So, what should be done, blaming indivuals (rightly!) and improving services..?

        Hard to do in cash strapped towns and villages which had to close even their libraries....


        GB is a great place for far as I have seen....

        But, sadly no investment in infrastructure.........and with that I mean things which are for a free market better than a state/town/village founded and owned investment...?

        What should GB do.....? Did the french get it right...?

        Public spaces, owned by companies...?

        something delivering a service and being free for everybody and regulated by village/town/region/state seems to be outragious...the private sector is much better at hears...

        Goverments then introduce more laws, harder fines, well done...nothing to do with them.....when things go wrong....delegating....

        that was now a bit of a rant and I profoundly apologize....
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          Surely the grey waste should have been emptied before they left the last site.
          Regards, Robinjim.


            Originally posted by Robin View Post
            Surely the grey waste should have been emptied before they left the last site.
            Assuming he'd used a site.


              I've read a story from another camping forum, where a motorhome owner had stopped overnight in a residential area. In the morning he discovered that the toilet waste thing was full and started looking for places to empty it before the rest of the family wakes up and starts using the bathroom. So, noticing lots of wheelie bins out on the street, that person had the brilliant idea to take a walk and empty a little bit of his motorhome waste tank in each wheelie. The idea did not come to be put to practice though, as there were some people still putting bins out. But, I mean, it was very close to actually happening. It's both finny and mind-boggling. Ah, in the end he "discreetly" emptied the waste tank in a drain in the road, adding a bit less to the ambient fragrance of the neighbrouhood .

              I've also seen motorhomes leave huge black binbags of rubbish, full of course, in shopping car parks. It's not a huge issue, but still, not right me thinks.

              On another note, hands up all who have peed in the hedge on a campsite because it was too far to go to the loos


                Having just arrived home from a 3 week tour of France, I can confirm that infrastructure for motor home travellers in GB is definitely not as good as in France.

                However, it would be wrong to assume that such provision is always "free" - charges for Aires which I stayed on ranged from free to 9.30 euros a night which included EHU (which was of no use to me but I still had to pay the full amount.) On some, it was free to stay but you had to pay for water and/or electric. Some had toilets, most didn't.

                However, they all had an emptying point for black waste which was free.

                I don't see why similar facilities couldn't be provided for a small charge in many places in the UK.


                  In a similar vein Caz, I was just looking at the website for a large campsite in Stuttgart. Like most places, amongst the facilities they offer is a motorhome service point but they also clearly state this is available for non-users of their site too.

                  I do wonder how much the Traveller issue has affected the UK's thoughts. We've deliberately avoided inner-city driving (mainly because of the generally excellent public transport) and so haven't seen many car parks but I don't recall seeing any height barriers whilst over here.


                    I think as Doolz said (or implied) he could have stopped over a street drain grid and let the grey-water go there. I often did that when I had a larger van with an onboard waste tank. Grey Water is not a problem - I have stayed on sites where they do not have mains sewers just sceptic tank and they have asked people to tip grey-water into the hedgerow around the site - because it costs a lot to get the sewage sceptic tank emptied.
                    As for emptying a toilet - yuk and disgusting - as an inveterate wild-camper may I say - in extremis - I have never had a problem with finding a public toilet to empty the loo. - very rarely has the loo got anything other than liquid in it.
                    Amor omnia vincit et nos cedamus amori


                      "Grey" waste water is a bit of a contentious issue - a "grey" area if you like!

                      Tipped into a hedgerow (or even left to run onto the field) is fine if that is what the site owner/farmer has requested. It was the method used at all the cub, scout and guide camps I attended in my youth and (unless it has changed in the last 15 years since I last read it) is also recommended by C & C C in their handbook.

                      However, not all grey waste is the same. My dog always assists in the washing up so my grey waste never contains any solid particles of food - but I have seen others emptying waste water that had enough food scraps in it to feed an army and that sort of waste can encourage rats. It is also smelly in hot weather. Although they do say that in Britain you are never more than 6 feet from the nearest rat anyway.

                      It can be greasy so letting it run out onto a road could make the road very slippy especially for motorcyclists and cyclists. A roadside storm drain is not the answer either because most run in to water courses which could be polluted by it.


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