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Have I missed anything?

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    Have I missed anything?

    The banner at the top of this page reminds me -

    "Hello barry5 you've not been around for a while, it's great to see you back on here."

    This is the first time I have been able to post anything on this forum for over three months!

    Where has the time gone?

    Before I gave up work a couple of years ago, I used to laugh at retired people who said that since retirement they had never been so busy. Now I know its true.

    Around Christmas time, I was informed that a matter I had been pursuing since March 2009 was to be heard at a Public Inquiry starting on the first of March. This meant that I had to prepare my case, chase up a large number of witnesses and educate them in the form that their statements and evidence need to take, mug up on case law, (I am not a lawyer by the way), look for holes in the other side's case (being prepared by a solicitor and to be presented by their barrister) and generally psyche myself up to present the case to the Inspector.

    Then in January I learnt that two other matters in which I had an interest were also to be the subject of Public Inquiries in March! Although only appearing as a witness, more research required ....

    Meanwhile, my good ladywife is nagging "when are you going to take your head out of that computer and come away in the 'van?"

    At least there was no time to be bored.

    We did manage to get away between the second and third Inquiries and spent about 12 days whistle stop touring Chester, Castleton, Buxton and Clumber Park, before retuning home to dust the suit, collar and tie off again and face an Inspector.

    Now that is all over, I should be relaxing, but then pigs might fly ...

    We are going away this week for two nights in Sussex, taking in three National Trust Gardens, - home in time for the Easter services at Church, - followed immediately (I hope) by putting the boat up on the beach for scrub and antifoul painting, - then sorting out the garden, MoT and service for M's car, - catching up with paperwork (we discovered yesterday that we had not agreed bank statements since January 2010 which was why the filing drawer was overflowing) - and then preparing to go to the Roma Club AGM followed by a short tour round the Welsh border area.

    I am also currently trying to "re-learn" my French which has not had an airing since I left school in 1963, ready for the planned trip to Brittany in June.

    Is it me? or am I typical of the retired generation? Too much to do and not enough time to fit everything in.

    Still, it's better than working.


    Hi Barry

    Welcome back, it sounds as if you have been busy, we haven't yet acquired the treasured retired status but we are working on it.

    Have a nice time in your van the weather is certainly looking more like camping weather these days.
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      I agree with you, Barry. Since I retired last October I haven't stopped to catch breath for a minute. What is lovely about it is that all the things which are keeping me so busy are things I get immense pleasure from with, top of the list, the acquisition of my first motor home, a nearly 20 year old Talbot Expression, Avalon.:so happy:

      What with getting used to driving it, having the habitation check done and playing at 'house' to see where every thing will fit for our 3 week trip to Brittany in June I don't have time to miss teaching at all

      The best of it is I can now take advantage of low season prices, something I haven't been able to do for 40 years. I was amazed at how cheap it is going to be in Brittany with low ferry prices and camp site fees. We're going to take advantage of the 'Aires' and France Passion sites for part of the holiday which will make it even more economical.

      Work, what was that?


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