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    Or at least Phablets...?

    Is a tablet with a sim card also a phone..? own seems to work like one...? And a phablet with a sim card..? Or either of them without sim card but Skype ( and Skype to phone) installed..? Or a phone without sim card because on that one I use the camera only...and the music player..?

    Our car has its own sim card...since ages....seems to be standard from April this year ( ,
    ( ) so ours might be a phone too...? Certainly works like one...voice activated even...not that I use the feature often...

    but, if I sleep in it and cook in it is it still a car...? Does break down then not count...when one does have ones bed and cooker in it.....?

    Insurance with 10 pages of small print and disclaimers (as in the above) I leave my fingers does need a lawyer .....and a good memory, after I read the last sentence I have forgotten 3/4 of the preciding ones...and rereading does not help...
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      What I need

      1 break down insurance for the car

      2 health insurance (covering hospitals to a level the locals have or above, if levels too low no 4 kicks in)

      3 insurance for the cost of being rescued from areas which are unaccessible by car and/or standard rescue services (standard as in urban areas)

      4 repatriation service (and if it's only the dead body, but I prefer it alive if better care when moved)

      When flying somewhere only the last 3....they are the important 2,3 and 4...

      and thats it, well, apart from the personal liability insurance (I find that quite important in daily live).......everything else does not bother me....., apart from, well, no small print...that puts me off...

      I do think that covers me,

      whatever I additionally get through house insurance and credit card...or bank almost insignificant.....more an advertising of those lure customers......but, as it comes automatically, why not...does not hurt...but, it's mostly useless...just look at the small print.....I am sure I loose out because of a technicality which slipped my mind whilst in distress....when relying on that...

      KISS .......keep it simple stupid........ is a principle I do like.....

      and as a PS

      insurance companies, do they like, in general, that principle...?
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        And why not, I wonder.....well, not really...


          By my reading of the Aac insurance you would not be covered for a road accident on your brompton. As a parallel are you covered hiking along a road? What if you break a leg offroad but have to be carried to a road to get a signal to call for help? Is illness covered anywhere whilst on a leisure holiday?However after some questions we will join.


            Originally posted by Derekoak View Post
            I investigated flex plus and thought it good but wanted to ask some questions and did not get round to it. I think the questions were does the car breakdown cover motorhomes? Does the phone insurance cover tablets?
            Yes it covers any vehicle you drive or are travelling in at the time of breakdown but it doesn't cover motorhomes over 8 metres in length or 7.5 tonnes in weight, we particularly looked at that because we have a car and a small motorhome, we had another breakdown insurance for a few years before we realised that it didn't cover motorhomes.

            It doesn't mention tablets but does cover mobile phones for all family members living at the same address.

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              Thanks graham, so our little mpv / motorhome would be covered either way, i just need to ask about tablets for information,


                How am I covered from riding my bicycles in Belgium...?

                How am I covered walking along the street in Belgium...?

                Belgium health insurance....

                Personal liability insurance...

                Same in the rest of the EU...

                in Australia, same than above.....venturing somewhere else I would have to look into it......Alpenverein says yes...

                Good enough cover..?
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                  Illness, accident, did you download the pdf...? It hurts my eyes, the big print they use....still does please me, the absence of small print...and the document very short...

                  are my Swarovsky Habicht little binoculars covered in any way shape or form...? Would have to go through our house insurance to answer that...


                    I just paid the fee 79 pounds for us both to be members of the Austrian Alpine Club, should have cards within the week!


                      Will buy a bottle of nice Champagne and lay it on ice till both of you are over again to celebrate......fingers crossed you never need it......and it turns out as a waste of money.... :-)


                        I am now investigating whether Europe wide breakdown insurance is entirely legitimate with ADAC plus. A German breakdown firm. at the moment 97 pounds with better recommendations than my brokers 90 pound breakdown insurance.


                          Soon I will hear that you are permanently relocating.....


                            Adac stopped taking new members from outside Germany late 2017


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