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Cob Cooker & Kelly Kettle

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    Cob Cooker & Kelly Kettle


    Not seen any of the above mentioned on here for wild camping they are ace.

    The cob cooker was originally designed for Africa a cooker that used the dried corn cob as a fuel, it has been developed way beyond that now, you can use normal bbq coal in them, its a deep pot with a moat you can fill with some wine when cooking, my fav meal is a small chicken cooked standing up with a small can beer inside, it cooks the veggies at the same time and the great thing is you can set it up light it and then forget it for 3 hours and everything is cooked to a tea, can be used on any surface as the heat does not come in contact, do a web search they are now in the UK.

    Kelly kettle from Ireland, for those of us that like a cuppa but not from a flask, get a kelly easy to light and boils on 4 mins, can us dried grass, news paper as fuel, again do a web search, they now have accessories such as frying pan and pots.

    Wont go wrong with either and its something about cooking outside is more fun, I remember camping at Dunnet head and got the kelly going, a bunch of young surf dudes ahd never seen one and wanted one as soon as they saw how easy it was to use.


    Both of these items can be bought from Amazon via this forum,the Cobb barbeque is about £100 basic unit, and the Kelly kettle is about £60.

    Never seen either in use.
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