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keeping cool

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    keeping cool

    Hi Guy
    we are getting very excited about our first european trip in July:so happy:. We are heading for the ardeche gorge to meet up with our eldest son that is working down there. can anyone recommend anything for keeping cool? our 21 year old c15 is pre A/C.

    Wow you lucky thing, hope you get some lovely weather and you need to keep cool.

    The only thing I can recommend is making sure you find a pitch near a tree so you can get some shade during the day. We have been to France and played at hunt the shade, moving round the van to keep in the shadow.

    Have a great time.
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      keeping cool

      While your driving - can buy little hand fans (I saw some in M&S)
      2. A small spray bottle full of cold water
      3. a wet towel around the neck if it's really hot
      4. The vents on the far right and left blow a gale thru my C15

      At the Ardeche -
      Take a canoe trip, your almost bound to fall out and its lovely and cold.
      I speak from first hand experience!
      If your brave you can climb inside the Pont De Arc and jump into the water from a hole near the top!
      You lucky begger, I long to revisit that place.
      BTW if it rains you'll know it! And that'll cool things down for a bit


        cheers guys, the canoe trip is a given, my son is down there teaching canoeing all summer


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