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Hi y'all

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    Hi y'all

    I just popped in to take a look around and a message very politely asks me to make a post as I havent done so for a while.....So here it is!:so happy:

    So, how is everyone now we're well into the camping season? Ive taken the van out a few times but as yet I havent done any overnight stops. Next week Ive got a one nighter at Lytton Lawn near Milford-on-sea then hopefully Ill be venturing further afield. Already planned a trip down to Dorset then further on to Somerset and eventually getting down to Cornwall.
    Some of you may have been reading my blog (link below) so you know pretty much what Ive been up too lately so Ill end this post here, dont want to bore you with stuff you already know about

    Happy camping

    Hiya Daveboy glad your on the road, so a one nighter at Lytton Lawn Milford-on-sea, hope your planned a trips to Dorset, Somerset and Cornwall all go well, all sounds good to me :so happy: Happy camping
    Gadgetman......... (Bryan)
    'Live without regrets'


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