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A couple of days off work - YAY! Anyone recommed a site on Lincs coast?

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    A couple of days off work - YAY! Anyone recommed a site on Lincs coast?

    Managed to swing a couple of days off next week as I'm working the weekend. I don't know the Lincolnshire coast at all and wonder if anyone can recommend a site, pref near the sea and must be dog friendly. Basic is fine, though ehu would be a treat. Just thought I'd try somewhere new.

    UKCampsites shows several sites but they all look more park than camp.


    we found one in Chapel st leonards last year had EHU but no toilets was fab though


      Many thanks, will investigate that one.



        Hi Jan

        I can recommend Manor Bungalow in Friskney near Boston, its a Caravan Club CL in the garden of a bungalow lovely level site with a fenced pond. £9 a night all inclusive of electric hook up, dogs welcome, no facilities but a tap and chemical toilet emptying point.

        There is a nice pub and a well stocked shop within walking distance.

        Convenient for Skegness, Mablethorpe etc. see my video review here:

        Also see their website
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          Many thanks to you too Graham. Well I'm back now and chose that weekend to have flu or some similar dreaded lurgy. In between heavy doses of para-ibrupruf-aspirin and strong coffee I managed to see a quite bit of the coast. However the wind was so strong I think both my lungs and skin have had a thorough exfoliation from the flying sand. In the end I stayed at Manor Farm campsite at Anderby and it was fab. I was in the 'fishing lake field' and had it virtually to myself as although there was a handful of caravans, the majority seemed to be lived in at weekend only. A couple were on the opposite side of the field to me, in the sensibly sheltered area, but considering my coughing all night would have kept any neighbours awake, they knew to keep well away from me. There are other fields to this site which were more 'suburbia on sea' not my kind of thing but I would say that being ill in a campervan is a doddle. You don't have to get out of bed to make a brew, to let the dog out for a wee, to find the drugs in the night when your temperature threatens to blow the roof off - everything is within reach. And my cosy duvet - wonderful!

          I'll go back to that area but not till the back end of the season now, all those parks with ugly statics put me off rather. I can investigate your other suggestions then. There also seemed to be quite a few little sites around that I hadn't seen on ukcampsites/here/coolcamping etc, as well as signs outside people's houses offering overnight camping - unofficial-like.

          Cost at Manor Farm was £12 a night, incl hookup - nothing extra for showers and despite what it says on their website they don't charge for dogs either. All in all, pretty good.

          Next month it's North Yorks - and I know there are a few threads on here already for that area, will get reading, if I can stop my eyes streaming for long enough!

          Thanks again, - Jan


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