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Stripped bare

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    Stripped bare

    Driving back from Eastnor Castle site yesterday we saw a caravan on side of road just outside Oxford Services. It looked like it had been damaged at rear, newish appearance but it had been stripped totally bare.

    I have never seen anything picked so clean. Not a window or even screw appeared to have been left on it - just a totally empty white shiny shell.

    I pity anyone who had left it after an accident and expecting to return to pick it up later!

    It was a bit unreal and looked sinister, like a skeleton. Horrible in fact. Suffice to say we parked at services but did not leave the van unattended.

    Well I bet that was a shock. I've never seen anything like that myself either. And quite right not to leave your van unattended at the services. Scary!

    With the AA, if your car breaks down, they will also get your caravan to a safe place as well and not leave it on the roadside. As will the RAC.

    I pity the poor people who owned the caravan, if that was the case.


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