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Knee Replacement

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    Knee Replacement

    Hi all, well my driving is on hold at the moment through pain in my left knee, after seeing the consultant today in Diana Princess of Wales hospital Grimsby, my knee replacement operation is scheduled for November 2nd 2011, look forward to a speedy recovery, and plenty camping in 2012 :so happy:
    Gadgetman......... (Bryan)
    'Live without regrets'

    Hiya Bryan

    Sorry to hear you will be out of action for a while but hopefully next summer you will be out and about in your van and running about like a spring lamb.

    Good luck with the op and keep us informed.
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      GOOD Luck you will soon be back out again as Graham said like a spring chicken or Lamb jumping around


        Yes, good luck with it Bryan. You will be off the road for a while but you can then look forward to pain free trips away.


          Best of luck chum,This is one of those ops that really works well,and makes a difference,I will put you on the list for the footie team at next springs meet.

          I look forward to our next meeting,

          Young men sow wild oats.Old men grow sage.


            Best wishes for the knee op., Bryan. I'm sure it will be successful. They can do amazing things with joint replacements these days with a fantastic success rate lasting for getting on for 20 years in some cases

            I know what you mean by painful driving - my left hip has been slowly deteriorating for the past 12 months and when in France recently I had to resort to lifting my leg on to the clutch by the end of the day's driving. Fortunately we used many of the fast dual carriage ways/toll free motorways so it was only around the towns that I had difficulties - why, oh why does Brittany have so many roundabouts in their towns!!

            However my op. is due on 2nd August so by this time in 2 weeks hopefully I'll have a brand new hip joint and be raring to get on with recuperation-I'm planning to join VonUK and co. on the way back from the Scilly's, in Cornwall at the end of September so need to be fully mobile by then. Not supposed to drive for 12 weeks after but if I work hard I hope to persuade the consultant to let me go.

            Good luck and keep us posted.



              Good luck with the op. Bryan! I hope you make a speedy recovery and get back out on the road for next spring! A friend of mine had to have a knee replacement and she was back driving after approx 2-3 months.

              Di - I had the same trouble when I had a geared campervan, except it's caused by a failing set of nerves in my back - and by the end of a very long journey I was also having to lift my own leg off the clutch as signals from my brain weren't getting through!

              The answer for me was to get an automatic car... And a caravan! Nowt they can do about the back.

              Seriously though, you don't need to use your left leg at all in an automatic car, they are very easy to drive - just stop, go and steer. If I could find a little auto campervan I'd buy it like a shot! Unfortunately they are all way too expensive for me.



                Some gent 93!!! given up tin tents
                1988 d reg trannie automatic petrol, profession conversion up for grabs £2300.00 you could bargain with him!
                D reg sleeps 4, hi top, fridge ,zig unit and taxed mot current,
                more info if you want, photies??
                can't remember the makers name tag though(age related memory)
                He lives in BRYNHOFFNANT ceredigion,
                Looks in good nick, just passed mot
                If mistakes are the foundation of understanding, i have firm foundation,Underpinned by much in the way of I don't want to do that again


                  Thanks for all your kind words folks yes I can understand lifting the left leg off the clutch, I'm there, but I'm lucky in my very rural part of the country there is very little traffic so jotting to the local Tesco is a brease, but any long runs are out of the question.

                  Good luck on the 2nd August Di with your hip op, your recuperation will be over in no time, three months down the road for me 2nd November I'll just be having my op, hope we meet up in 2012 running around like spring lambs. Thanks folks.
                  Gadgetman......... (Bryan)
                  'Live without regrets'


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