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Another kind of "Meet".

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    Another kind of "Meet".

    Hi all,
    Last August I attended a "meet" at Old Warden, near Biggleswade.
    Only this time it was an international "meet" of the Ariel Motorcycle Club. Nevertheless, I went with my Romini and Gentry car.
    Old Warden Airfield and aircraft museum is owned by the Shuttleworth Trust and periodically have flying days. They also have a large area for rallies of all kinds, with facilities.

    The link below shows something of a flying day. Once again, I have regrettably had to reduce the resolution to fit the system, but I hope it is enjoyable.
    Please remember. It perhaps has not really any place on this Forum, but there were a lot of motorhomes and caravans there as well as hundreds of motorbikes.

    Please note that there were often more than one aeroplane in the air at any time and the commentator may or may not be talking about the one on film. I left the sound track as is for the sound of the aeroplanes.

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    Wonderful video Jim,
    Ships, Trains n Planes, what a Life M8
    Now Whats the meet in the Sarnie??
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