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CC at Chatsworth

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    CC at Chatsworth

    We are really excited to be going to Chatsworth CC site next weekend. (30th Sept). It is usually fully booked at weekends, but I sat on the computer last weekend, waiting for cancellations. First I got Friday, then a few hours later I managed to get the Saturday as well :so happy:

    At this time of year Sotheby's hold an exhibition of contemporary sculpture in the gardens, we have seen the exhibtion on two previous years and really enjoy it. Everything is available to buy through Sotheby, and buyers often fly in by helicopter for a quick view! It is my birthday next week, but don't think the piggy bank will stretch that far......

    It's very dog friendy, 5 stars to the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire!!

    Here are a couple of photos from 2009
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    It's a lovely site, well done on getting on at the weekend, we managed it not long ago and did a video review, if you've not seen it you can view it here.

    Enjoy your weekend and get John to treat you to one of the sculptures for your birthday.
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