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Heater problems

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    Heater problems

    I'm really sorry if this is the wrong forum, but I'm a new girl ...

    I've just bought a hylo Romahome about 17 years old, but still good to go. There are a few things which need sorting, and one, with winter coming on, is the heater. Basically, it doesn't. Even with the fan full on, there's nothing but a vague warmness in the centre of the console. My right (driving) side is freezing. Is this usual, or can anything be done? I've tried all sorts of combinations of opening and closing vents and sliding the sliders. The vent on the dashboard at the extreme right hand side blows out freezing air, even when closed, and at floor level in the driver's footwell, there's something doing pretty much the same.

    Also, the heater fan needs suppressing, as when it's on, it turns the radio into a noisy crackle, no matter which station I try and tune it to.

    All suggestions and recommendations will be very gratefully received.

    Alternatively, is there any sort of small heater I could plug into the cigarette socket which could warm up the cab while driving?

    Thanks so much for all your help!

    (ooo just spotted Ask Ant - I'll make a copy and post it there)
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    Will be interested in Ants comments as my C15 seems erratic, when working its lovely and toasty warm... so well worth pursuing with!
    I seem to recall that the vents at either end of the dash are only fresh air vents, so they will only ever reflect the air temp outside.
    All the best


      Yes, I assumed that's what the outer dash vents are. It's NEVER toasty warm, though ... a similar cold draught at foot/leg level, instead of warm air ..


        I've locked this thread now as it is in Ask Ant. The discussion can be continued here:
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