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Some historical trailers/campervans etc

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    Some historical trailers/campervans etc

    DiggDeep's note about the old Ford van reminded me I was sure I'd seen some interesting vans on a website of old magazines. I think these are all amateur or concept drawings, unlike the Ford, but I reckon they're interesting.

    There was a thread started a few weeks ago about using a horsebox as a base vehicle. Checkout this horsebox from 1924. Possibilities eh?

    Modern vans have rooms sliding out in all directions, like this one from 1936

    But simple trailer tents go a long way back too 1929

    If you only have one-person-power you can't tow too much 1940

    But there's a genuine small motorhome, even if it looks like a giant bubblecar, from 1938. See also the link to the 'Pribil Housecar' in the comments to this!

    This is a tiny caravan, but for the owner I bet it was more practical than any of the conventional ones.1937. And the engine's in the trailer, so it's a rear-drive artic!

    And from those, to the ridiculous. A 'concept' trailer from 1931

    There are loads of interesting articles from the days when almost anything seemed possible. Before Type Approval, and licensing of everything going.

    Great stuff thanks Jim, I love the cyclist towing his bed, it looks like a coffin, if I woke up in that I'd think I was dead.
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      Over 60 years ago I saw two sweet young things on a touring tandem with a sidecar containing a cat.

      The bike with the trailer appears to have no brakes. Back-pedalling brakes as they have in Germany? But no hub is visible to accommodate the mechanism. And how do you accomplish an emergency stop with back-pedaling brakes (or any stop perhaps, in this case.....).

      Seek to make a virtue of necessity.


        Hi Paul

        Probably not a back-pedal brake, just a fixed wheel. I wouldn't like to try controlling that down a hill though!



          Loved all of these - thanks for sharing!


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