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R20 Storage ideas, comments invited

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    R20 Storage ideas, comments invited

    I am thinking of alternatives to current set up. Would be great for feedback from people who may have tried these ideas or others.

    Grill As it does not work thinking of removing and instead using the area to store dinner plates and possibly even one of the double skillet pans. Using the non slip mesh stuff to stop things slipping around.
    Q Heat does rise generally but not sure how high you could stack really under the grill area without a meltdown situation developing if you had the rings on? Has anybody done this?

    Kettle Currently fits neatly in the bottom shelf over the sink but I am wondering about using bungies straps and table protector to protect the acrylic cover from scratches. This would then mean I could just fit my nest of camping saucepans in place of the kettle over the sink. Really not sure about this one to be honest.

    This would mean when I cooked things would be handily placed.

    Other requirements would like some stout or padded bags to store things in the locker so it would be easy to reach things out and prevent things from becoming jumbled..... Any ideas anybody.

    Cutlery I have stored in pencil cases which works well.

    Comments invited.... or better ideas ...

    Hi. I will watch this thread with interest as I, too, am struggling to re-oganise the van better so that I can actually find / reach things when they are needed and not live in mounting chaos, which is even worse if there are two of us using the van! The first step was to remove anything from the van that was not absolutely essential.

    My R20 has the toilet option underneath the sink. I put things such as the fire extinguisher, fire blanket, kitchen rolls, etc in a bowl on the loo when in transit - easy to move if the facility is needed (she says, politely!).

    I line my (lift-up) sink with a teatowel, and then put a couple of mugs, 2 small plates, and a pencil case with basic cutlery in the sink, ready for a snack / drink when travelling, along with a couple of teabags / sachets of coffee. (The rest of the tea / coffee I store in the little cupboard thingy above the sink, not accessible until I raise the roof.) I leave half a roll of kitchen paper and a j cloth tucked in the drainage area of the sink, to wipe the mugs etc with after use. Also babywipes.

    Tiny cupboard above the sink: suncream, anti mossie spray, elastoplast / anti-sceptic cream, torches, matches, small travel clock, unused, emergency toothbrushes.

    Like you, I'm not too sure what best to store in the grill area. At the moment I have a little camping toaster rack there, sometimes along with a couple of larger plates. Sometimes I put two cereal bowls there as well...but the trick is to remember where I have out them once they have been separated from the original picnic bag.

    I still haven't got the storage of clothes / bedding properly sorted, though sticking similar items of clothing into carrier bags (eg undies /socks, tee shirts / jumpers) seems to help a little. At the moment these bags of clothing are put into a Tesco long life bag which gets shifted to / from the front seats / floorwell in the pod, depending on whether it is day / night time. Not too satisfactory an arrangement, but when the clothes are in an underbed cupboard, they are fiddly to access. Again, twice the problem when there are two of us in the van.

    I do like the idea given on my thread about the hooks, ie using as a hanging storage device to hold overnight clothes / towels, suspended from a pole supported by the hooks.

    Cupboards under the beds hold:
    1. wellies, walking boots, waterproofs, curtains, dustpan / brush, anti mossie candles
    2. tins / packets of food, wine
    3. tesco bag with cooking spoons, glasses, main cutlery, 1st aid bag
    4. The one in the Pullman 'foot area' currently takes a box of small pans, chopping board
    5. The one with the leisure battery in has very little spare space, as yet not dedicated to snything special.

    The tiny luton area holds a picnic table & two chairs, as well as a (just in case) plastic groundsheet.

    On the floor between the bench seats - bucket, water containers (if not using the main water tank), box of fresh food, maybe awning /small tent. waterproof and wellies if the weather is bad, for instant access.

    At the moment the bedding travels on the bench seats of the pod. I tuck a flask of hot water in the bedding, to keep it as warm as possible.

    I have put the emergency breakdown stuff into the outer cupboard with the EHU lead, and a mallet. The plan is to put a tiny caming stove there as well,to use the next time we inconveniently run out of gas and want a cuppa.)
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    Carpe diem! :)


      My grill is fairly useless so I keep my overturned frying pan in the recess together with spatula, scissors plus a few other bits and wedge it all in with a fire-blanket.

      The kettle is strapped onto the hob in transit and secured with 2 bungee cords.

      Clothes are rolled up in the 'wardrobe', silver screens and picnic table in the luton (Hylo van), food in the cupboard beneath the sink, small bowl in the sink containing soap, detergent and J cloths, mini radiator in the rear nearside locker, mini oven in the front, water tank, bed slats and a few tools in the offside front locker and sleeping bag in the rear.

      It's the first time I've had so much space but I find I'm gradually filling it with increasing amounts....



        Hi All, .... For clothing take a look at Eagle Creek Packing Cubes and Folders we have used these for years buying another one as we required them we used at call and get them from the Penrith Outdoor Shop at Appleby on the A66
        they also do sales by post.
        On out last few vans I have converted the Wardrobe such as they are to shelving.



          I like the look of the Eagle Creek Cubes. We have a couple of Sea to Summit bags like this The Eagle Creek ones look much cheaper!

          We also use pillow cases, and found some quite good mesh storage bags in the Pound Shop



            We too keep the skillet in place of the grill pan and find it fits perfectly.We got the tip of the bungy to strap the kettle on the hob from this forum and it works very well.Will look into the cube storage its sounds just what we need to store the bedding.
            There is so much room in our kitchen! Thats because unlike tentpeg I make awful cakes and not good at the Sunday lunches! this the leaves the cupboards quite bare.


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