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Have you got a little list? (apologies to Gilbert & Sullivan)

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    Have you got a little list? (apologies to Gilbert & Sullivan)

    This will be my first season, and I've been trying to recall what I needed years back when canvas-camping, and adding/subtracting things for a van-based holiday. I had a look on the Android Market, and found some camping apps that weren't too obviously USA based. I looked at one labelled 'RVlist' and checked it out...

    I got as far as the letter 'B' and when it said 'Bread Machine' I decided it wasn't the same sort of camping liable to be done by SMAF-ers.

    Have any of you got tried and tested lists? or strongly recommended items that aren't obvious?

    Speaking personally, my list is still FAR too long. So am proposing to empty the van out, and then make a list of what is REALLY essential, not what might possibly be needed(the trap all mums used to catering for family holidays, fall into!)

    There are many lists of camping essentials online to get you started. Thoughts to start the ball rolling:

    Bedding, minimal cooking equipment such as a multi-purpose skillet, mugs, bowls, plates, cutlery, (2 of each thing rather than extras for other people bottle and tin openers, weather appropriate clothing, including a warm layer / waterproofs / maybe bedsocks if needed , clothing sorted into carrier bags eg undies, tee shirts, etc, a container or two for water (depending on if you have a water tank), kindle, music cds.

    Tinned / packet food, good bottle or two of wine, including mulled wine (if cold weather), small containers of tea / coffee or similar, minimum in way of fresh vegs / milk/chesse / meat as can buy those on / near site.

    Basic breakdown equipment & necessary maps, couple of rubber mats to use under wheels in case you get stuck in mud, torch or two, maybe a few solar lights (they look so welcoming when returning to your van at night.) Emergency phone with charger / list of important numbers.

    Small washing up bowl / cloths / sm bottle of washing up liquid, roll of plastic food bags, old carrier bags for rubbish / dirty clothes. Cricket stumps to put your wellies on if muddy conditions are expected. Pack of cards / maybe travel scrabble.

    On second thoughts, take a change of clothing, a washing line, minimum food, bedding and clothing, breakdown stuff and maps, torch. A mug, bowl, plate, spoon each. A pan. Sorted!
    Carpe diem! :)


      There was a previous thread where lots of people included their essentials for camping in a small motorhome.

      Lots of ideas in there.
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