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don't go to IKEA in your campervan

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    don't go to IKEA in your campervan

    ...He had gone to the store last week with his girlfriend and her mother but they were stopped as they attempted to enter the retailer's car park as they arrived in a small camper van...
    ...Ikea has banned caravans and mobile homes from entering their car park...

    oh dear,I know there has been a big problem with travellers camping in store car parks and in some cases demanding money to move on! But not all travellers are gipsies.
    I use the croydon Ikea ( rarely) and my Roma is my only vehicle.
    I dont have much sympathy for the travellers as I am aware of problems caused by them in several specific cases,one of which was our hospital carpark.
    As a boy in oxfordshire I was familiar with the irish tinkers who came in the summer to the horse fairs,but they caused no trouble and ran stalls in the markets. I never met any true Romanies,I doubt that there are many,most of the travellers now seem not to belong to either of the traditional groups.
    Young men sow wild oats.Old men grow sage.


      We have a permanent gypsy camp near our village and most of the folk are true Romanies - but they've been living there for 30 years now!

      I guess it's only the tinkers who move around nowadays.


        Mr Massey added: "We were honestly gob smacked. Even if they have had problems with travellers using their electricity supply or parking there at night it doesn't justify the racial profiling of customers at the front door. "It is not acceptable, I'm disgusted."
        Since when did IKea offer leccy hook up....


          IKEA RESPONDS to my letter

          I have just emailed this to [email protected] and [email protected]. It will of course most likely bounce off with no effect or generate a mealy-mouthed management-speak response... but you've got to try! I'll keep you posted on developments (if any!).
          __________________________________________________ ___________

          Please note and copy to a SENIOR MANAGEMENT person responsible for POLICY ISSUES.

          It is being reported on forums dedicated to the caravanning and motorhoming fraternity that IKEA will turn away anyone who travels by those means to your stores. I have a tiny 2 man caravan and live over 200 miles from my nearest IKEA. My home has a significant proportion of its furnishings bought from IKEA. Can I expect to be treated in this fashion when next I come to make purchases towing my little van behind me?

          I can understand your concerns with Travellers and Gypsies, but how do you propose to avoid discriminating against genuine and loyal customers ... or are you such a mighty concern these days that such issues are of no consequence to you?

          __________________________________________________ __

          Hi there Michael,

          Many thanks for your email.

          IKEA is a values driven company, with clear principles of non-discrimination. We integrate diversity, inclusion and care for people into all parts of our business and this is reflected in how we approach our employees and our customers. We welcome all customers to our stores. We do not racially profile.

          Our car parks are designed for customers shopping at our stores however they do not have the facilities to accommodate overnight or long term stays. We always endeavour to be sensitive and discreet in securing the car park for use by our customers. If we have reason to believe someone plans to stay long term in our car park then we will politely request that they move on.

          With best wishes,

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            This sounds like using a sledgehammer to crack a walnut!
            derek b and Babs


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