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First C & C DA meeting

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    First C & C DA meeting

    Audrey and I went to our first DA meet. It was really local - about 15mins away from home and only £7 a night. The site was available for a month and so we spent a couple of days at the end of our annual leave week and then went back on Saturday night. What I really like was not having to get off the site in the morning or having to pay to stay later in the day. Both Sundays we stayed till after teatime; it was really relaxing.

    They seemed a nice lot but it wasn't the SMHF

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    Barbara Ann,
    Your last sentence took the words right out of my mouth! I went on my third DA meet this weekend, Ok but it ain't the same!
    All the best to you and Aud
    Andyvan:so happy:



      I do most of my camping at DA meets, usually Surrey DA, or West Sussex (who I am registered under). This last weekend cost me £11.75 for two nights, and included the 'Last night of the Proms' on Saturday night, huge screen in marquee where we all got to wave our flags and join in, really good fun.

      Would love to meet up on a SMH meet but distances prevent for short weekends

      The meets give peace of mind if on your own as there is always friendly offers of help if you have a problem.

      Off again this weekend and probably the week after............:so happy:

      Ann & Rosie


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