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Clent Hills C&CC Site

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    Clent Hills C&CC Site

    Here is my video review of this site:

    If you ever go to this site visit the excellent pub in the village called the Sun, lovely food and great service.
    Did you know you can follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter or you can visit us at our Website

    That's brought back memories! Have only been there once and had forgotten which site it was!

    We were on holiday in Cornwall when our motorhome fridge stopped working on gas. Rang the dealer as still under 12 month warranty and they said to drop it off on the way home and they would sort it.

    In those days I used to empty the toilet at home (we have a manhole cover in the back yard to the drains) after trips, so the kids and I could use the loo en route, especially if it was a long trip. The C & C C had just announced the "motorhome stop over facility" being introduced so I thought that's good, we can empty on the way. What I hadn't noticed was that it was only a trial at certain sites.

    I drove on to the site but couldn't find any wardens about so after waiting around reception for about 20 mins I got the loo out and emptied it. As I was putting it back in a warden appeared and I explained what I was doing.

    She then very kindly explained that they weren't part of the pilot trial scheme!

    Red faces all round, but she was very nice about it and I just had to make a donation to the flower fund.


      thank you Graham, very interesting.
      We have just come back from a few days at Wolverley but the final choice was between that and Clent Hills.
      We would like to return to Wolverley sometime as there is more to do but you have confirmed that Clent Hills should remain on our list.


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