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Shetland in June

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    Shetland in June

    I am just in the process of plannng a 2 week break in Shetland at the end of June and wondered whether anyone could recommend good places to camp.

    I have found the list of proper campsites and would want to stay at one every now and again, to empty the loo and have a shower at the very least! I was just interested in any recommendations about those and places for off-site camping. We will particularly be aiming for places that are good for birds, rocks and archeology as well as good local food (with any luck)!;)

    This will be my first long trip with the Duo having just done weekends at C and C sites so far.


    PS I do know how to spell archaeology...really!

    Can't help with any campsites, hopefully someone will be along soon but don't forget to take your shovel for the volcanic ash.:eek:

    Hope you have a great time, we'd love to do that sometime and would love to hear all about it when you get back.
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      Shetland - the best place in the world - ever!!!

      The best thing to do is to aim to spend the first few days in Lerwick and surrounds anyway, which is where you'll get off the boat, This will give you a good feel for the size of the place. As the only town, once you've seen how small it is, you will better understand that the rest of the islands don't have much in the way of facilities. The tourist info centre in Lerwick will give you all the info you need, they know of every place to visit, how to book ferries and trips to other islands - and you need to be prepared for plenty of ferry-hopping. They also will know of all the restaurants (there just aren't that many!!) in the whole of the isles. Mostly at hotels, but a nice chinese in Lerwick, and several decent cafes for lunch. Most important I found was knowing where the shops are - I don't mean shopping centres, I just mean individual little shops which sell everything and if you're lucky, also have a petrol pump outside - but again, really not that many. Otherwise you'll need an occasional trip to Lerwick from wherever you are just for petrol

      Just remembered, nice restaurant at Bonhoga gallery, Weisdale Mill (one of the few places in Shetland with trees, comes as quite a surprise!

      Roads are mostly single track, but in excellent condition - lots of oil money was spent on infrastructure. However there are lots of signed passing places and everyone is really thoughtful and thinks ahead. You could drive a mile or 2 along the road only to come across someone who has seen you coming from way back and has pulled into the passing place in anticipation.

      However there is nothing twee or touristified about Shetland, you could line your camera up for a lovely snap of scenery only to find a rusty old dumped car in shot. There are quite a few of those. It's a place where people live and work so be prepared for stunning beauty and stunning ugliness in odd corners - some of the newer houses are not pretty, just concrete blocks, but functional.

      Sadly it's a couple of years since I was last there but outside of Lerwick can recommend the Breiwick Cafe, (on the way to Eshaness which is really stunning place - though I subsequently had a nightmare about falling off the cliffs there - the colour of the water below is astounding). And the NAFC (North Atlantic Fisheries College) Scalloway is by far the best fish restaurant - when I was there people who had booked got tablecloths, the rest plain tables!! Might be different now. Places to see wildlife, birds etc are absolutely round every corner! If you saw the recent Shetland Diaries on tv you'll have a good idea. And if you're there for 2 weeks you'll get the chance to see most of it. Again take advice from the tourist info centre, or read the Shetland Times The islands of Noss and Mousa are good for birds and I saw most puffins at Hermaness. Heed the warnings though while you're there and don't wear nylon cagoule or similar - if you fall you'll slide over the edge never to be seen again. Nice dinner for an orca! But really everywhere is good. Seals all over the place. Sumburgh too for birds, seals, orcas, archaeology and the Sumburgh hotel - that's one day sorted for you! Brochs everywhere.

      If you're desperate for a cup of tea then lots of the community centres do teas, and the people are wonderful. We walked past one feeling a bit wet and bedraggled, we were invited in by a lady who was doing some tidying, given a brew, a biscuit and sent on our way. You'll find that sort of thing everywhere. People don't mind wild camping as long as you ask first and have the usual good manners as I'm sure you would.

      I'm rambling now, can I come with you? I bet you don't come back!!!

      Jan - getting a bit too carried away in her enthusiasm, sorry!
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