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Six month trip with baby

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    Six month trip with baby

    We're planning a trip Jun-Dec this year to take full advantage of my maternity leave (baby will be at least 3 months old when we leave). Never had a camper before.

    We definitely wanted a camper, but have realised a caravan might be more practical to go off in the car for trips to towns etc. Would be interested to hear if people manage to park in cities and go down country lanes OK with campers, or if this can be very restrictive?

    We're aiming to use this opportunity to go to places we would struggle to get to on a normal two week camper trip to Europe. Keen to go to Croatia and Slovenia. Are Turkey and Greece camper friendly?

    Main concerns are:
    -It being too hot for the baby so will plan to stay in places that aren't more than 25 degrees, also mozzies
    -Being in places with good healthcare
    -Cheap locations to make a long trip possible

    Any tips/experience would be greatly appreciated:
    1. What camper you would recommend - we've been looking mostly at T4/5 but wonder if they would be too small for a 6 month trip. LWB gives more space but then I think we will really struggle to park it in cities etc. We're on a very tight budget as my boyfriend wants it to be safe and reliable so: less than 12 yrs old and mileage under 130k, for under £9k...
    2. Locations you would recommend
    3. Useful books - see very mixed reviews of AA and Alan Rogers Europe guides
    4. Tips for travelling with a baby
    5. I'm keen to get a van with three front seats so we can all sit together. Anyone with experience of doing this with a car seat?
    6. Would people wild camp with a young baby?


    Hi there... What an adventure, fantastic. Hope the cherub is not keeping you up too much I noticed the time you posted If you are breast feeding that is going to cut the complications of sterilising bottles etc which would be a joy. I think you are going to needs space with a baby because of the laundry and the nappies. Babies do not need to be as complicated as some people make them it is a very individual thing but laundry is inevietible. I think you need to realistically think about what you are going to need for a week in storage and list it done so that when you look at a camper you are thinking about where you are going to stow that stuff, and be very realistic about payload as people are stopping and weighing vans more these days.

    At three months unless you are very unlucky the babe is going to stay more or less where you put them & will be pretty portable, (toddlers are a nightmare). Are you going to backpack the babe? .... (my preferred option when that age) or deal with one of those pushchairs. As I say you need to think of what you consider essential, where it will fit, how much it weighs and then were are you going to put yourselves.

    I have not been to Europe in my camper but my experiance with small children is that anywhere abroad is much more children friendly than England. England is the least child friendly, actually I think it is positively children unfriendly. France is great.........


      All trips are compromises, and can I suggest the three main ones I think you would have to consider. The first is space, with a young baby and all you will need to carry, plus they will be crawling by the time you come home, would be a stretch for any 'camper' (as opposed to coachbuilt), for even a fortnight's holiday. For six months even the most devoted couple will sometimes need their own space, especialy when it rains for a few days!
      Secondly, you mention visiting towns, easier on the continent than here but it does depend on the size of your vehicle and how confident you are. If you are taking a coachbuilt to a city you need to do your homework beforehand and have a good satnav that allows you to put in the height and width of your vehicle.
      Thirdly, finance. If you go for a classic 'three times round Europe with an Aussie crew' VW you may well get one for under £9000. You would probably get a better deal with older British vans or ex Japanese vans, but for motorhomes I suspect a good one would be at the oldest end of your budget.
      So what would I do? Having camped with children as young as 9 months, had tents, trailer tents and about a dozen motorhomes, I would go for space, which could be a) small motorhome with tent or stand alone awning, b)car and trailer tent, c) car and caravan. These could all give you a reliable vehicle, space, ability to get into towns, and stay within budget.
      Whatever you decide, I am sure you will have the experience of a lifetime and don't forget to take a computer of some sort to keep us envious people in touch on the Forum.


        Sounds like an adventure! If I were you I would cherish every moment of the free time you get with the little baba as they soon grow up and become moody teenagers We set of with our camper to Greece almost every year. They are an absolutely amazing culture and most welcoming, the food is fantastic. We have island hopped between near enough everywhere, Pireaus, Rhodes,Mykonos,Tinos, Kos, and have rarely comes across any vehicle height restrictions (within reason of course!) The are plenty fellow travellers who also do the same thing so the country, being such a popular tourist destination, does a lot to cater our needs. Even the ferries have great 'camping on board' facilities which are cheap as chips to get. I also have very happy memories of Spain and Italy on a camper..The whole meditarennean tour was just a dream.
        Places I wouldnt go : Turkey, not a clean country, and we only travelled there once and got robbed, my husband nearly got arrested! Bulgaria and Albania, not very welcoming counries and best staying away from for a peacful holiday. Of course it all depends on where you select to go.
        Good luck with your choices and make sure to have an awesome holiday!
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